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Madonna whites up here, Jimmie Walken there. I was Christian Valli. So I priced the Italian world and the Chinese related.

Frankie Valli? It was all I ever heard. Madonna turns up here, Christopher Walken there.

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Her relationship with Keitel ended, dissolving into a battle for custody of their daughter. Somehow, though, it feels less like namedropping than her just being one of those people for whom life ended up like an ongoing cheese dream, random faces drifting by. That helped. It was written after both her parents died in When Goodfellas won her an Oscar nomination, they came to the ceremony. That was a big thing. And the more we shot, the bolder I got.

Fucking Lorraine bracco

Piecing things back together, she was unenthused when her agent told her about a new TV mafia drama, and the offer of a role as mob wife Carmella Soprano. I wanted to make Melfi the first educated Italian-American girl people ever saw. But, while the 90s were bookended by Scorsese and The Sopranos, the years between were rough. Photographers told her she should act, which she found ridiculous.

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