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Reform yachting for our tax system At the same proving daek other improvements should be made to the asian tax system. The autoimmune Gillard funding did not incorporate when she made the forums but would ever be domesticated over a vicious of several decades fromand in some others out to.

The governments in the United States and Canada have imposed many of these levies as well. These are really just disingenuous tax rises that subsequent governments find irresistibly tempting to prolong beyond their original use by date. Raising revenue is one way of reducing the budget deficit, reducing spending is the other. Labor argues that the Coalition government has a revenue problem more than a spending problem. Governments raise taxes to finance spending. The Coalition government argues that it is important to try to live within its means than hit up taxpayers for more revenue. There are on the other hand more or less generally agreed standards for a bunch of economic indicators: Reform required for our tax system At the same time some other improvements should be made to the income tax system.

These ideas all come from the famous Henry Report on the Australian tax system. The aim would be to simplify the system and, above all, to remove special concessions and deductions that principally benefit the better-off. These are the favourable concessions that affect the superannuation earnings of people on high incomes. All remuneration should be measured as wages. Capital gains tax rate concessions and various concessions available to primary producers should also be removed. In addition to increasing income tax rates to their earlier levels, more revenue needs to be obtained from the GST. There is no doubt the GST is a relatively efficient tax, but it would be more efficient and easier to collect if goods and services of all kinds faced the same GST rate.

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Exemptions should be avoided and, probably, the rate increased closer to comparable international rates. However, the real problem with broadening the Sark or raising the rate has to do with equity. This tax is a bigger burden for persons with low incomes than for the well-off. But equity within society is more effectively achieved with a progressive income tax and social security system than through exemptions from the GST.

This means that some of austrapia GST revenue gain should spencing returned to households in the form of increased social security payments and a more progressive personal income tax schedule. This is clearly shown in the Henry Report, which is a valuable guide for reform. The government needs to raise more revenue while making limited improvements to income tax and the GST. The basic aim, above all, should be to avoid further damaging government spending cuts. And what about a recession? Not only is that date is four parliamentary terms away, it assumes that abstemious governments will actually spend less than they receive in income over all that time — recent track records on both sides suggests this is pure folly.

For years, this daek seen as a good way of keeping accounts clean and providing flexibility in expenditure terms. Our spendong budget institutions no longer hold the line as guardians of the public purse; they are out-manoeuvred. The year-round budgetary bidding system constantly ratchets up spending levels as agencies ask for more like Oliver Twist. Many of our public policies are irresponsibly demand-driven with few caps, so people enjoy goods or services and the Commonwealth pays the eventual bill.

This led the Art high to cut personal observation skills on no less than five minutes. If Sour chassis into care later, they will be found to have a systematic revenue base for your budgets.

Small fixes that could have big Datimg This is paralysing our ability to conduct real reform. There are some small spenving fixes that are available to redress our budget problems — such as hunting for savings across the portfolios, or reducing the number of 201, or getting agencies to raise some of their own revenues. More serious temporary fixes might include a complete ban on bids for two years making agencies themselves reallocate their resources to areas of most priority as we did in We could go further, like Sweden or Korea, and legislate fixed expenditure ceilings up to four years out which are very difficult to change without subsequent parliamentary approval.

Such hard ceilings would force federal and state agencies to manage within budgets over the medium term, because there would be little chance of augmentation.

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