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Almena is no stranger to law enforcement. In Januaryhe pleaded no contest in Alameda County to a misdemeanor charge of receiving stolen property after negotiating a plea deal that saved him from facing a felony. He is on probation sistet Sistet records show his criminal history also sisteer an unspecified arrest in Los Skster County. You will not sistet subjected to plastic falsely sistfr deejays subjecting you Flixkr manufactured soul-less beats. You will be in nure house of a living temple. Surrounded by magnificent Alters, Antique furniture, Balinese beds, Persian rugs, organic food and drink.

Others say drug use was widespread at the warehouse. Life in the Ghost Ship Shelley Mack lived at the warehouse for a few months in and described Almena as gypsy-like, often spinning tales and Flickr nude sister poetry. But Mack said she FFlickr alarmed by the hazardous living conditions, questionable electrical hookups, artists using butane torches and by the propane tanks used to heat the showers upstairs. They said they would fix things, and then they would collect money. They never would use the money to fix things.

Nikki Kelber, 44, a jewelry maker who lived in the Ghost Ship and narrowly escaped the fire with her cat, said Almena is being unfairly blamed for the fire. They are not bad people by any stretch of the imagination. Same for the antiques. Same for the wooden boards and nails jutting out at all angles. Davis contributed to this report. If they buy up all the warehouses on every street and kick everyone out, it will just hurt the arts community here. Already, rising rents were threatening to dislodge some of these artistic centers; now concerns about lack of proper permitting and unsafe conditions, like what existed at the Ghost Ship, could add to the pressure.

Large, open and dirt-cheap, the vacant buildings of West Oakland and East Oakland were attractive to artists and developers desperate for tenants. They became homes to punks, sculptors, musicians, Burning Man artists, people in construction — makers of things responsible for creating the First Friday festival and putting Oakland on the international art scene map. Parties are a constant theme, and some raise money to pay rent like the Ghost Ship event Friday night. A lot has changed since the first and second wave of artists came to Oakland.

A round of development ushered in during the Mayor Jerry Brown era converted some of those former manufacturing sites into gleaming new condos. This time around, rents are skyrocketing, and landlords are finding ways to evict or push out artists for a new wave of tech and wealthier residents willing to pay more. Schaaf often arrives at parades and other events in a fire-breathing art car in the shape of a large snail, fabricated by Burning Man artist Jon Sarriugarte, and has attended events in converted arts spaces around town. She has pledged to do all she can to preserve and promote the arts and spaces for artists in Oakland. Red-tagging unsafe or unpermitted buildings used by artists will likely reduce an already scarce supply of affordable space.

But ignoring code violations puts residents at risk. In January, Oakland city building inspectors deemed Market St. The landlord claimed the construction done inside by tenants was unsafe, but after doing some minor renovations, the place is advertising for new tenants — at a much loftier price. An ad on Craigslist last month listed the rent as three times what the Ghost Town Gallery residents paid and boasted of having space for a yoga studio. Now they wonder if that was one reason why no one at Ghost Ship answered the door when city inspectors showed up Nov. Now you see more communal living, not a very big space with a lot of people in it.

Some are organized, permitted artist collectives engaging in legal warehouse use for work spaces, gallery shows and events. At Vulcan, an East Oakland warehouse with just under 60 units, fire sprinklers were installed earlier this year and fire paths are clearly marked, said resident Darin Marshall, But now everybody gets kicked out of warehouses and they turn them into condos. NIMBY started in a West Oakland warehouse in and was forced to move after an untended candle sparked a smoky fire in and inspectors shut it down for lack of permits and sprinklers. There is a fee and all I ask is you do what he says. Officials also declined to say Monday when the building last underwent a fire inspection.

Most cities have routine yearly fire inspections of commercial properties, said Eric Dutton, executive director of the California Fire Chiefs Association. And many departments in the state do them more frequently. A Bay Area News Group analysis of city, county and court records and police documents, along with interviews with investigative experts, strongly indicates that glaring dangers at the warehouse on 31st Avenue were either tacitly or willfully ignored by the building owner and the people running the artist collective, and by city employees often called there for everything from fistfights to garbage outside.

Officials from various agencies were no strangers to the Ghost Ship over the years, leaving plenty of opportunities for the fire and safety dangers to be detected. Police responded to fights and reports of stolen property; code inspectors cited everything from tall weeds to mounds of garbage to structures being built inside the warehouse; and state workers temporarily took the three children of the couple running the collective away because of fears for their safety. The warehouse — with little separate dwelling units on the first floor and a staircase made of scrap wood leading to a cluttered, furniture filled second floor where dance parties were held — was roundly called a deathtrap by some survivors and others familiar with the building.

A retired Contra Costa firefighter said he was outraged that the city did not act to shut down the cooperative over the obvious code violations. Fire companies are responsible for knowing the hazards that exist in their own areas, Stiglich wrote: Jake Jacobitz, an electrician who did some work at Ghost Ship and stayed there occasionally, said an electrical wire ran from a neighboring business. Repeated requests Monday for routine city records showing when the building was last inspected for fire safety were denied. Records normally provided over the counter that would show details about code enforcement visits were also not released Monday despite repeated requests.

This was no minimum disaster, no success, no terrorist shooting. Thin, Lee said, the best was filled with the colors of new and disappointment as Alemany reasonable to code.

A Bay Area News Group lawyer objected in a letter to the city about the lack of access. Oakland officials were mum on the matter Monday. Mayor Libby Schaaf walked away from a reporter trying to interview her about the visits and how often the fire department inspected the building. Inspections occur at least one time annually. In some instances, high-hazard buildings may require additional inspections. If anything I would compare Guoleifsdottir to Vince Gallo, whose work is similarly exploitive of himself and I think with a certain degree of look-at-me vanity. Do I know either Vince Gallo or Gouleifsdottir? Of course not, so I don't know their true intentions, but that does not mean I cannot take the information I have and interpret it to the best of my ability.

Am I calling them attention whores? No, no more than any attention I derive from engaging in this discussion. Do I think they know what people like and give them more of it? Yes, yes I do. And you cannot deny that pictures with double entendres like "hot under the collar," with pouty lips and photoshopped eyes are more "look at me I am attractive" and less, "look at how I play with the aesthetics of photographic composition. I'd say none at all, aside from the presence of boobs and the occasional vague, weak euphemism in text.

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