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Consolidate Your Loans

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Our partner will explain all the options available and give you a recommendation. It helps to cederal your student loan login and PIN raates you can provide up-to-date information on the status of consolidatung your federal loans. Submit Your Application When you decide to consolidate, our partners will make the process easy for you. They will handle all the hard work. The consolidaring student loan application process is detailed. One mistake or omission can result in a rejection. Your paperwork will be prepared and submitted for you, after your approval. Get Your Loans Paid Off Once you receive application approval, your current federal loans will be paid off in less than 90 days and then you begin paying on the consolidation loan.

Take advantage of this opportunity. All federal loans have fixed payments, so be sure to make your payments on time and feel good knowing you solved your debt issues by being proactive. The Direct Consolidation Loan Program offers several repayment plans that give you up to 25 years to pay off the debt. The programs are tailored to your income and family size. You can even switch programs if your financial or family situation changes.

Consolidating Private Student Loans The process for consolidating private student loans is focused around your credit score. If your credit score has improved dramatically since fededal, you may be in line for a lower interest rate. Home equity loans are another way to consolidate a lower interest rate. There also could be a variable interest rate loan that suits your situation. SStudents several lenders before making a final decision on consolidating your student loans through a private lender. A federal Direct Consolidation Loan can even rehabilitate your student loans if you are in default. Borrowers have different needs, so there are several repayment plans—including income-driven repayment plans, which base your monthly payment amount on your income and family size.

Learn about repayment plans. How do I apply for a Direct Consolidation Loan? You can complete and submit the application online, or you can download and print a paper application from StudentLoans. After you submit your application electronically at StudentLoans. When I want to pay extra towards my student loans, I have the ability to apply the payment towards the higher-rate loans in order to maximize my interest savings.

If I were to consolidate my student loans, I would lose this option. You are within your grace period With most student loans, you loanw a six-month grace period after leaving school before you need to start repaying your loans. Consolidation lictures have no such window, and generally require repayment starting about two months after the loan is approved. In other words, if you just graduated and apply for a consolidation loan, you need to be prepared to start making payments much sooner. Many borrowers are attracted to consolidating because it often translates into a lower monthly payment.

Federal vs. Private Student Loan Consolidation Federal and private consolidation loans both have unique advantages and disadvantages. Federal Consolidation Loans: Advantages and Drawbacks Overall, borrowers should consider a federal consolidation loan if: They have federal loans with variable interest rates pre They want to combine a large number of federal loans to get one simple payment. They need to lower their monthly payments, and are okay with paying more over the lifetime of the loan.

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Here are some of the advantages of federal consolidation loans: There are no origination fees or other costs to consider. No credit check or cosigner: Smaller monthly payments: Also, consolidation loans typically lead to a longer repayment term, which allows for smaller monthly payments. Deferment and forbearance: If you encounter a financial hardship like a serious illness or a loss of workyou have deferment and forbearance options that allow you to stop making payments for a period of time without entering default. Federal Student Loan Forgiveness: Direct consolidation loans have access to loan forgiveness or cancellation if the borrower qualifies.

There are also drawbacks to federal student loan consolidation to consider: Since the new interest rate of a Direct Consolidation Loan is the weighted average of the old loans, no money will be saved over the life of the loan. In fact, the interest rate is rounded up to the nearest eighth of a percent, so the new loan might actually have a slightly higher cost overall. It could even cost more: Loan forgiveness progress is lost: Loan forgiveness requires borrowers to make a certain number of qualifying payments on the loan while meeting certain conditions like working as a teacher or paying under an income-driven repayment plan. Since consolidation involves a brand new loan, progress towards student loan forgiveness is reset.

If borrowers have lower interest loans typically undergraduate and higher interest loans typically graduateconsolidating them all together will make it impossible to prioritize paying off the higher interest loan first by paying extra on that specific loan. The consequences of defaulting are severe: Unlike private lenders, the federal government can garnish your wages or use tax refunds to repay student loans that have entered default. Private Consolidation Loans: Advantages and Drawbacks There are three main advantages to private consolidation loans: Lower interest rates: Private consolidation is the only way to refinance both federal and private loans with the potential of a lower interest rate which can result in lower monthly payments and more savings over time.

Can release a cosigner: Some lenders might be willing to consolidate old loans that were cosigned into a new loan without the cosigner.

Federal consolidating rates Students pictures loans

Multiple repayment plans. A Federal Consolidated Loan is eligible for a number of repayment plans and borrowers are free to rstes the plan conzolidating best suits their situation. Borrowers federao can switch repayment plans at any time. Repayment plans for Federal Consolidated Loans include: Because a Direct Consolidation Loan is a new loan, it restarts the clock on deferments and forbearance for up to three years. No minimum or maximum. There is no minimum amount to qualify and no maximum amount that can be consolidated. Protecting credit. Consistent payment of student loans has a positive impact on your credit score. Missing just one payment will hurt your credit score.

Paying one bill per month instead of should lessen the chance of negligence. Avoiding default, as mentioned above, will help protect your credit score as well. Automatic debit. Just be sure that account is well funded every month.

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