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A lot more than broad. In he might not just that tatted up, adopted to PopStarTats the former One Workflow singer has 67 cryptos.

However, most of them are very small, and he hasn't tried to pull them together to form a cohesive sleeve. Among the most well-known are the sparrows right below his collarbone, the butterfly on his chest, and a topless mermaid on his left arm.

Styles also regularly covers up his tattoos in favor of new ones - he admitted to We Love Pop that "there are some that my friends have ckp and some that are just awful. Levine's love of tattoos is no joke - a recent Instagram post revealed a huge back tattoo that he said was "6 months kf the making. I'm not sure why I got it - I think I was bored. Lovato told iHeartRadio that her "Stay Strong" tattoos were her most meaningfulbecause she got them done right after getting out of rehab. Lovato even named her documentary "Stay Strong" after the mantra. She has around 20 pieces of inkincluding 12 birds on her wrist representing the 12 steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous.

PopStarTats reports that Cyrus has a whopping 55 tattoosranging from a little version of Saturn to a large dream catcher. Her older brother Trace is completely covered from the neck down. The "Metro Station" front man is basically a living canvas at this point - but it might not be exactly what he wanted.

Only he normally shaves his efforts so he can work up his ink on specific, one of his first subscribers became a problem on his former show "Catastrophic Wolf. Campus Four: PopStarTats counts 36 years on Tomlinson's use.

He tweeted in September that he was "so sad I ruined my body with all these stupid tattoos. Originally seen as the "bad boy" of the group because he had a tattoo, it's interesting to see how times have changed. PopStarTats reports that Malik has 62 tattooswhich puts him five behind former band mate Harry Styles. Malik is recently rumored to have tattooed his shaved head post-Gigi Hadid breakup, but it's not the first time he's fooled fans into thinking he got a new tat. He teased fans by posting a face tattoo reading "Mom" but later admitted it was just a drawing. The "Shape of You" singer has at least 60 tattoosranging from gigantic like the lion's head he recently debutedto minuscule a tiny Lego head to downright confusing.

Among the most head-scratch-inducing ink? A bottle of Heinz ketchup, the words "Galway Grill" his music video co-star Saoirse Ronan purposefully spelled "girl" incorrectlyand a goat.

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InJackson told Rolling Stone that she had over 50 tattoos - she had just turned Clearly, she wasted no time with expressing herself through ink. Jackson shared cip Instagram that she "see s ink as a way of changing for the better, always improving. The fact that Payne only has 22 tattoos it's all relative is misleading. While he doesn't have as many as, say Miley Cyrus or Harry Styles, his pieces are much larger. Payne almost has a complete sleeve reaching to his fingers, including an eye that reportedly belongs to his girlfriend Cheryl, and the year of his birth running down the back of his arm.

Cho shared with Tattoo. PopStarTats counts 36 tattoos on Tomlinson's body. No effect Maybe a little.

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