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While they were miilo entitled to Gredk by law, the Grrek polis would often honor their returning hero with money, food and other such perks. So, who were these noble competitors who fought to be the greatest physical specimens of The Greatest Civilization? He won the only event at the very first recorded Games in BC — the stadion escortw was an approximately meters run. Leonidas of Rhodes — the most prolific Leonidas was the most successful Olympian ever. Leonidas won the stadion, diaulos circa. These twelve individual first-place finishes the last of which he achieved at age 36 narrowly surpasses the 11 golds of Michael Phelps. It should be noted that while Phelps did technically win more golds overall, some of those were in relays… and none while wearing battle armour.

Descended from heroic royalty, Diagoras won the Olympic boxing crown twice. The humour of which was probably only appreciated later, as Diagoras promptly dropped dead on the spot. Astylos of Croton — the saddest A runner of great renown, Astylos was a highly controversial figure.

The reason being that, after bringing honour to Croton in the games of BC, he turned-coat and, in BC and BC, decided to run for the rival Sicilian city of Syracuse. His statue in Croton was destroyed, his disgraced family disowned him and his former lodgings were thought unworthy of a free man and were transformed into a prison. The greatest sprinter of the s died a lonely exile, far from his family and friends. Pollonia is a small fishing town built around a pretty round beach of fine sand. It is an ideal place for those who want to be away from the crowds, close to all beaches on the north side and to the nearby islands of Kimolos, Ag.

Ghiorgos, Poliegos, and Glaronissia, the impressive small islands coming up from the sea with hexagon shaped stones.

Built on the hill Plaka is the most characteristic town on Milos Island with narrow roads, houses of Cycladic style, and a few shops and restaurants. Be sure to visit the Kastro, from where you'll have a wonderful view of the north western part of the island and the stunning sunsets. Not far from Plaka you will find an ancient Greek theatre and the largest catacombs outside of Rome. Two smaller villages on Milos island, but well worth visiting are Klima and Tripiti: Klima is a uniquely preserved little fishing village.

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As there is no direct bus you must take a bus im Tripiti and then walk down and Greek up stairs. Otherwise a private car or scooter can take you as far as the road goes Greke within about 50 meters. Tripiti is a charming traditional hilltop village 5 km from Adamas, 2 km from Plaka and just above the picturesque harbour of Klima. From here there are incredible sea views and you are conveniently near the catacombs and ancient theatre as well as the spot the Venus di Milo was found. The beaches of Milos The southern beaches of Paliochori, Haghia Kiriaki, Tzigrado, Firiplaka, Provatas and Gerontas on Milos tend to be sandy with incredible shades of blue and green colouring the crystal clear waters.

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Paliohori is probably the best sand beach of the island and it has a couple tavernas and cafes. Offering something entirely different, the northern beaches of Milos are found amidst unusual rocks and their formations, creating swimming spots that are beautiful and strange. Parafragas and Sarakiniko are 2 of the unique northern rocky beaches of immense beauty. Amongst the things you should not miss on Milos Island: An exploration of the many beautiful beaches of Milos by taking a boat tour around the island. The unusual beaches of Parafragas and Sarakiniko should be visited.

The intricately curving paths of Plaka town. The catacombs and ancient theatre. The sandy beach of Paliohori. A visit to the fishing village of Klima. Extra information about Milos: There are many taxis on the island of Milos and it is usually easy to find one except perhaps during July and August at which time it advisable to have a transfer arranged to escort you upon arrival to your accommodation.

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