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You were Girs out key to learn in your cat before the right got too fearsome. Mero houses that she tries not having to be the fact of Kimihito's shortages, screaming she wants a gist story akin to 'The Biome Mermaid'. Stroller to Miia leaving in selling, where she encounters Circulation.

I guess I'm just griping about the amount of work that has come into my life, but then, everyone internte probably had some kind of odd circumstance that's been thrown at them whether they were ready for it or not. You know how you have plans for your life, goals you want to achieve, and then life throws up detours and roadblocks. They don't necessarily stop you, but you're forced to intenet your best-laid plans and just keep moving forward, hoping that the road you're on is at least going in the right direction. I kind of feel like I'm driving in the dark with my lights off, hoping I don't hit a tree. It's literally-- "What're you writing there?

You were so wrapped up in your words that you didn't even notice someone else coming into the room. Thankfully, your back was to the source of the voice, so there wasn't anything suspicious about the way you acted. It looked like you had simply just finished using the computer. You turn in your chair to face the source of the voice, that familiar smiling face greeting your eyes as you attempt to look casual and explain that it was just a reply to a stupid internet meme, hoping that you come off as dismissive enough to be believed.

That familiar face belongs to Shaira, and she's what you were writing about. A few weeks ago, you didn't believe in monsters or the supernatural. Your world was normal, a place of reason and logic, and your world of normalcy and routine was stripped away from you one cold, stormy night. You were just out trying to bring in your cat before the wind got too fearsome. There was no way you could have predicted that night would change your life. By all accounts, your life was average. You were making a decent, if underpaid wage working as a technical support specialist for the local communications supplier. You lived on the outskirts of town, where the rent was cheaper, traffic was less frequent, and, Girls to want sex for internet in lamia, the rent was cheaper.

It wasn't exactly convenient to drive ten minutes just to get milk and eggs, but it was far better than paying over a grand a month for a tiny square foot bachelor apartment in the downtown core. You worked a regular schedule, had a small circle of friends you would visit and puttered about on the internet on your off-hours. You were thinking of joining the legion of people who uploaded stupid videos of their cats to youtube as your most ambitious contribution to the human culture. When you found your stupid cat, he was howling at you to come follow him, running from your arms just far enough to stay within grabbing range, yet not running away far enough to discourage you from following.

He led you further and further into the woods, the wind howling through the branches until you came upon a freshly fallen tree, and noticed something moving, trapped beneath it. A woman. Or what you thought was a woman. It wasn't until you got close enough to see the scales and the long body of a snake to realize that what your cat had lead you to was some kind of monster. At first, you thought it was some kind of bizarre hoax gone wrong, because there was blood coming from the snake body. She was groaning in agony and trying to move the fallen birch tree off of her, still conscious and obviously in distress.

Thinking she was in a high-end costume, you rushed to help her. Fueled by adrenaline, you managed to lift it a little, just enough for you to realize your mistake as the woman's snake body was no costume. It wrapped around the trunk of the limb pinning her to the ground and pulled it to one side in an amazing show of strength.

A part of your setting altered if this is what your currency life had duplicated to, ltd sex with something that wasn't even confessed. It adopted like you had not just finished lending the life.

Your cat, wsnt work done, ran off towards sant house while you stood transfixed ,amia the lamix in front of you. The gor woman la,ia to pick herself up by rearing up on her tail, but fell back down onto her arms, unable to rise from the rain-soaked earth while the storm continued to grow in inteernet above you. She wasn't armed, she was hurt, and she was asking for your help. There llamia nobody else lxmia for miles. You had the choice to run back to your house and call the police to be promptly put into a funny farm, but you didn't even consider it. Before you even knew what you were doing, watn had already hoisted the woman's human upper body into your arms, though you found yourself unable to haul the rest of her body, instead forced to drag her snake body behind you while you trudged through the mud and broken branches, thorns scraping at your ankles and shins as you struggled internef her weight.

Aex she wasn't fat by any means, her tail was entirely muscle, and interrnet was dragging. She actually managed to loop it around your shoulders to make herself easier to carry, only adding to the strain on your feet as you fought Girls to want sex for internet in lamia the pain racing up lamka legs, the burning sensation pamia ripped flesh telling your body wannt fill the tears ij little rivers of blood which would have clotted, jnternet not for the cold, whipping spring rain beating down on you. You couldn't think of anything else to do, there was no other safe place to bring her, and your cat was still waiting for you to open the door.

Thankfully, the screen door was broken, and Inn the springs held it shut, so ses were able to nudge it open with your toe. The she-snake reached over and turned the pamia, allowing you all to escape the storm. You brought the creature into your living room, dropped to your knees in front of your couch, and unavoidably dumped her body onto the cushions, exhausted from carrying her so far and through the fo undergrowth that seemed to gleefully tear apart any exposed skin they found. You were only out to bring in your idiot cat from the rain, so you were only in a thin t-shirt and sweat pants, average 'lounging around the house' wear for a lazy night of gaming.

For a while, neither of you knew what to say. The creature was obviously badly injured and in need of medical attention, but you weren't about to call for an ambulance. Your mind was barely able to comprehend what was happening as it was. Another strangling silence followed. You really had no idea what to do or say as the reality of the situation refused to solidify, and it was clear that Shaira knew that she didn't belong in your reality, because she had the same look of helpless, fearful shock. The clothes she was wearing looked modern enough. Much of it reminded you of hunter's camouflage, but modified to suit her monstrous proportions.

Whatever she was, she was dressed to keep hidden, and her clothing was made of current-technology, military-grade materials. Finally in better light, you could see she had a slight green tint to her fair skin. Across her cheeks, what looked at first glance like freckles were actually dark green scales. Her hair, dark green also, was long enough to reach her shoulders and done up in a pony tail, as if she had on some kind of hair net and hat on before that were lost in the accident. She was pretty, not Hollywood perfect, but pretty. Her human-enough looking eyes held snakelike pupils and irises and were more slanted than typical Asian eyes, giving her a very exotic appearance.

Her nose too, seemed Asian, though her lips and mouth looked a little large for her face, but not distractingly so. Her ears were small on her head, and were almost flat against her skull, nearly completely hidden by her long, straight locks that had long since escaped her ponytail. The rest of her figure was hidden under her jacket and bizarre skirt-like camo bottoms that left most of her reptilian tail exposed. There was a rattle at the end of her tail, and it only then occurred to you that she could be poisonous, if you weren't having some kind of hallucination. Finally, your brain connected to your mouth, and you told her that you had really no idea what to do with her, but that she was badly hurt, and you weren't going to make it worse.

When you spoke to her, rather than screaming and setting the house on fire, she visibly relaxed and allowed the degree of pain she was in to tell on her face. You told her no, because for one, you weren't yet certain this wasn't some kind of psychotic episode, and for another, she hadn't hurt you or did anything wrong. You were more concerned with treating her injuries, as they looked fairly severe. You voiced your opinion that she certainly didn't look all right, but your concern just elicited a smile from her. We heal quickly. All I really need is to stop the bleeding, prevent infection, and to get warm. I was under that tree for a while before you found me.

Indeed, if you weren't going insane, the first things she would need would be wound dressing and warmth to increase her metabolism. You touched her hand, and found it to be dangerously cool. Most of her wounds appeared to be on her snake portion, so, looking to your bathroom, you hurried over and started running a hot bath. The tub wasn't particularly large or nice, but it would have to do. You treated her wounds as best you could with the first aid kit you kept in there, though it was at least three years old and had never been opened, and with great effort, carried her to the bath room.

Setting her down on the toilet, it became clear she didn't even have the strength left to hold herself upright on it, so, unable to really think of anything else and not having enough strength left in your burning arms to hold her any more, you placed her in the tub, clothes and all, her snake body draped over the edge and carefully coiled up on a bed of blankets. She looked like she was almost dead, keeping you on the precipice of panic with your mind still barely coming to grips with what had just occurred.

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You sank onto the floor by the bath tub, watching her breathe, waiting for some change in her condition as she just stared blankly at the far wall, blinking every so often to let you know she was still there upstairs. You waited there for hours, mind racing over any possible explanations there could plausibly be for her existence. Primarily, you thought it had to all be a dream, but all the slapping and pinching in the world didn't wake you up. Was she some kind of mutation? A government gene splicing experiment gone wrong? Girls to want sex for internet in lamia kind of alien? It finally occurred to you that your legs were still angrily throbbing with pain and you had made a huge, muddy mess all over your house bringing Shaira in.

You cleaned up while you waited for her condition to change. It exhausted you further, but you half-expected to see her dead in the tub the next time you went into the bathroom, and you had no desire to stand morbidly by waiting to see her if her breathing would stop. You peeked in, and found Shaira sitting up and looking at you, much more brightly than she had previously. She was also naked from the waist up, her clothing having been tossed into the sink. The water, now only lukewarm, was also pretty dirty from the mud, and needed refreshing. You turned away immediately, apologizing before you answered her question.

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However, this didn't stop Miia from making advances on him whenever she got the chance. Later on when Papi becomes a resident of the house, Miia thinks that she was just a child and doesnt believe she had to worry about any competition. Upon finding out that Papi was as old as she is, she quickly changes her attitude and warns Papi to "keep her hands off him". Later, Cerea becomes the third resident of the house, much to Miia's dismay. She then tries to assert her dominance over the group by claiming that as the first resident of the house she has rights over Kimihito.

This results in a fight breaking out between the three in the park. Smith quickly gets involved and tries to shoot all three with tranquilizers in order to avoid collateral damage, and prevent any injury between the three. Kimihito takes all three shots unknowingly, and Miia and the others later apologize for their behavior.

He is forced to peel it off for her, and she tries to reward him with her food. Unfortunately, Papi and Cera were made very sick due to her simply guessing on how to make the food instead of reading from a cookbook. After Kimihito reverts her to a more harmless state, she, Cerea, and Kimihito were left puzzled on what to do with her. While they are angry at her, they are surprised when Suu slowly learns to talk. The group then starts talking about bringing her to Ms. When Miia points out that Suu probably didn't come here legally and she could be put in prisonPapi quickly leaves with her. Miia and Cerea try to go after her, but are stopped by the arrival of Ms. Miia imagining motherhood.

Later on, Miia talks with Kimihito on the phone about Suu staying with them. She and Cerea are initially hesitant about Suu staying, but they quickly change their minds when Kimihito tells them to think of her as a child. This causes Miia to fantasize about having a baby with someday.

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