Why is sex better with certain partners

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17 Signs You're Having Sex With The Right Person

If not, how can I get one. So reportedly, whether or not you accidentally are not in particular, the more you look that you are the more you will be.

It allows them concentrate more on the act, instead of thinking too much about whether they're making love to the right person or not. When it comes to a perfect sex partner, attributes like height, weight, age, behaviour, choices etc take a backseat. Kirti Mishra, a clinical physiologist and a relationship expert elucidates, "The idea of a perfect sex partner varies for different individuals, but some common traits like sexually active, experimental in bed, hygienically sound etc are a must, as they are the key for finding sexual bliss. Most couples today are working on their personal attributes to match their partner's prerequisites and thus become a perfect sex partner.

And if your partner bears these qualities in bed, you can unquestionably boast of having a great sex partner Hygiene holds the key Everyone likes making love to a clean and tidy partner, so good hygiene holds great importance in a sexual relationship. Ensure that your partner is well manicured with a fully waxed body to ensure a higher comfort level. Too much hair on body makes it uncomfortable to enjoy each inch of your lover. So look out for a soft and clean skin in your partner complemented with a nice smell, as a bad body odour is a huge turn-off.

Hot tip: So make sure you seem as fresh as if you have just stepped out of the shower before getting into bed. Sexual scents and aphrodisiacal fragrances are a good choice," recommends Dr.

Devesh Roy, a sex therapist. Oral sex shouldn't be an issue You know what pleases you, so a Why is sex better with certain partners partner to have in bed is one who doesn't hesitate going out of the way to give you that pleasure. If not routinely, your partner should be ready to please you orally as per their own mood and comfort level. While no one is perfectly adept at the oral act, but a partner who tries learning the little tricks to arouse you can surely add magic to your love life. It is quite safe and enjoyable as the actual act, so don't be unwilling to go for it," states Dr.

Deepak Gupta, a sex expert. Be an adventure lover Intimacy and passion gets killed if you have a boring partner, who is having sex for the sake of it. Having a partner who is open to trying new sexual pleasures is a definite bonus. To liven it up, you need to think out-of-the-box and try all kinds of sexual adventures that ensure a gratifying experience," shares Dr. A sexy shape can do wonders Though weighty issues shouldn't come in way of your sexual pleasure, yet it's natural to look for a partner sans love handles or a bulging belly as an overweight partner can mar your sexual life.

But when it comes to your SO, your thoughts should line up — at least to an extent. Being sexually aligned with someone is important to having a sex life that satisfies you, and having a sex life that satisfies you is important to having a relationship that makes you happy. To help you find out of you and your SO are meant to be in bed, here are seven signs that you are your partner are, in fact, sexually compatible. You Have Similar Sex Drives If you and your partner are synced up on when and how often you want to have sex, you are one lucky, compatible couple.

Having similar sex drives is essential to having a satisfying sex life. Of course, no two people will always feel horny at the exact same time although that would be greatbut being in a general agreement about how frequently you'd like to get it on makes for a happier relationship. Figure out if your needs have you craving sexual relations once a day, once a week or once a month. Do you like it first thing in the morning or is if your favorite way to end the night? Then, find out if your partner has corresponding expectations. Hopefully you guys are on the same wavelength — that way no one feels they have to beg or are being forced to fool around when they're not in the mood.

Are you adventurous in the sack, or do you prefer a more classic routine? Will you try anything once, or do you have strict boundaries when it comes to experimentation?

Partners Why certain sex is with better

These are important questions to first ask yourself, and then to ask your partner. Sex does not fit in any one box, and the types of sexual expressions out there are endless. You deserve to be with someone who wants to try the same things you do and — conversely — won't push you to do things you don't feel comfortable with. This includes everything from turn-ons to fantasies to boundaries, and finding out where you both land on all these issues is essential to sexual compatibility.

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Now, that is cretain to say you need to line up percent on every choice you make in cerrtain, but for the things that really matter to you, it's important you guys have similar wants and expectations. You Communicate With One Another Just like in any aspect of a relationship, communication is essential when it comes to sex. Knowing what your partner likes, feels, thinks and what they want is key to having a thriving, happy sex life — and vice versa, of course! Are you both happy with the current state of your sexual affairs, or is one of you feeling unsatisfied? If someone wants more, less or different kinds of sex, being able to have open and honest discussions about it is the best way to get in tune with their desires.

So basically, whether or not you actually are completely in sync, the more you believe that you are the more you will be. And it works in the opposite direction, too. Even if you and your partner have all the same turn-ons, sexual expectations and similar libidos, if you don't perceive that to be the case, you won't actually be compatible. It's totally meta, but it makes sense.

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