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Or that panopticon approach to internet marketing can become claustrophobic, it also gives it easier to get to make great. Taking a screenshot and equipment and laughing is too.

Amid the genuinely disturbed Datung who are openly sexist and racist are people like this guy, from Fedoras Dating fail tumblr OKC: Putting together an online dating profile that makes you look attractive and not like all tubmlr other fish in the vast, horny sea is pretty goddamn hard. Taking a screenshot and pointing and laughing is easy. They tumlr their own Datingg and soda preference and identify themselves—proudly, in spite of all the scorn—by painting their faces. Some examples the text overlaid on the photos was lifted from the Juggalos' profiles by the person running the Tumblr: Screenshot via Is it funny that he has acne?

Or that he is letting people he might want to date know about a potentially unattractive feature? Screenshot via Haha, this guy gets panic attacks and tends to get emotionally attached to people he likes! He probably has a tough time dating! LOL Screenshot via The only explanation for this one being on the Tumblr is that the guy is making a weird face—surely, no one thinks it's funny he's passionate about finding homes for animals, right?

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If the point of putting this on Tumblr is what I think it is—Ha! Prior to its advent, fans and fanart creators mostly congregated on LiveJournal, a long-form blogging platform that also allowed users to make group blogs for their interests. In the leadup to this sale LiveJournal banned many blogs featuring sexual contentsome of which were fanfiction and fanart journals and communities. Many people who used LiveJournal as their fandom hub had been splitting their content across several different sites, posting fiction on LiveJournal and art on Deviantart. Tumblr, which has native photo hosting, would allow users to consolidate their work on one platform, making communities more centralized than they had been previously.

Most people I spoke to said that the early s on Tumblr were affirming, even fun. Shelby, who joined Tumblr aroundsaid that the format of the site was a breath of fresh air. While these made fandoms very organized, they also formalized a kind of pecking order. In order to feel confident participating in a community, you had to study the vibe. In order to get access to anything private, you sometimes had to suck up to people who were popular in the community. On Tumblr, posts are only organized by tags. Posts that might have languished in obscurity on your personal LiveJournal could be broadcast openly to everyone who liked the thing you like.

Thanks to Tumblr, Shelby got hooked on Avatar: The Legend of Korra and Portal, making fan content for both fandoms. In the beginning, the Tumblr community Datinng also a place to find and make new friends, similar to LiveJournal but with a little less structure. Although on LiveJournal you could already identify who the biggest artists or writers were based on follower count, liking those people was mostly about the work they produced. Although that panopticon approach to internet fame can become claustrophobic, it also makes it easier to get to know people.

Advertisement One user, who asked to remain anonymous, told Kotaku that they met their first girlfriend there.

Fail tumblr Dating

Because it is so easy to share posts on Tumblr, however, users are inundated with perspectives of people with experiences very different from their own. On LiveJournal, you had to specifically seek out that kind of content. I tumbld my first trans people on there, I followed a few black Bioware-centric bloggers who made me think about the video game medium in a new way, I found new labels for myself and new tools to navigate spaces and find people with like experiences. Most users pinpoint the change as occurring around or After the site was acquired by Yahoo insome users felt that their new corporate overlords were more distant and less responsive to the community and its needs.

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