Dating google map satellite images

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How to Change the Years in Google Earth

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Images Dating google map satellite

The street lapse is a real photo program and you can view changes in the seasons and changes to structures and the landscape. Changes in Google Earth kap similar but as satellite imagery, the angle is always looking down on the earth. You also can zoom way out to see the earth or zoom in to see details in the landscape, including man made structures and roads. Essentially, satellites are taking detailed photos of the earth, and Google makes that imagery available to the public. The imagery is not real-time but is current and incredibly useful.

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Why Look Back? Accessing Google Earth historical imagery serves a number of purposes, many professional and some recreational. A whitewater enthusiast or rock climber for example, will look at historic data to see how a section of rock or water has changed over time. This can offer insights into the potential current conditions.

mpa Environmental fields can also imaes at changes in the landscape over time. Umages example, a hydrologist Datinf view how a river changes course or how a marsh has changed over time. A wildlife biologist can look at habitat and plot tracking collar points over real imagery for a study reference. The uses in the general environmental field are endless. Surveyor teams, city planners and anyone working in land use can use satellite imagery to view details in the landscape. A surveyor planning a power line route can look at route options on Google Earth before attempting to plot the course. Using historical data will show where old lines were run or terminated as well.

Real estate agents can pull data to show changes on specific properties or neighborhoods as can developers wanting to study the landscape of a potential building site. Almost any field dealing with land use, navigation or the environment can benefit from Google earth satellite imagery. If you select more than one data set, the time slider shows the collective time range of all the data sets.

Import data to view a map over time Import GPS ikages from a specific time period or other data that ssatellite time information to view images in a timeline. Import gooble GPS data or other time-related data. In the Places panel, select the data you imported. The time satwllite will appear at the top of the 3D viewer with a time range that corresponds to the data you selected. The lines on the timeline indicate the dates when images of your map are available. To explore different time periods: To change the length of time, drag the range marker to the right or left. To make the time range earlier or later, drag the time slider to the right or left.

The range marker moves with the time slider so that the time range shown remains the same. Zoom in to shorten or zoom out to lengthen the date range covered by your timeline. The Start and End dates on the timeline change. Change the time of day You can view the effect of the sun and sunlight across the landscape. Turn on the sunlight feature Click Sunlight.

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