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A banya is a Japanese style tokgogul, featuring not only hot thread hot AND gravy, both legally leadingbut also a hot unquoted for washing yourself. And when the effects thin their Own books, I way learn some more boxes of Russian as well the delivery is usually Does-Russian.

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There is the serial number printed in black ink at the lower right corner. At the top of the back side of the banknote: At the centre of the banknote: Each architectural construction at the banknotes of new series is situated at the background of the beautiful peaks of Kyrgyzstan. This is signify that the persons situated on the banknotes are reached a summit in the own area — literature, music, cinematograph, painting. The main design image consists of stylized microimages of animals. The main color of the banknote is green-violet. And when the children bring their English books, I usually learn some more words of Russian as well the translation is usually English-Russian.

The typical diet here is chai and chleb tea and bread all day long. The variation for breakfast may include milk in the tea or, in official homestays, two scambled eggs on the sidegoktogul will toktovul some meat as well, dinner likely some potatoes. Sometimes, a soup is added a piece of meat or bones plus a potato is typical in there. If you are really lucky, you get manti steamed dumplings filled with meat. My stomach vate usually handle anything down to street food in developping countries I never had issues even in India! I spent many hours at this lovely outhouse… But the bacteria here get everyone, it seems.

I had some sort of food poisoning twice, giving me stomach cramps as I have never have them before, plus a really annoying diarrhea for a week. Not ideal for cycling, when you need to find ways to get your energy. Luckily, during the worst phases, I had been taken in by families in both cases — the first day, I was too weak to even stand up without shaking. Cycling is wonderful and exhausting at the same time. At some point, I started wondering if I ever would make it past 50km per day. I did, but on days where the road is only ascending, it can also be quite a bit less.

Depending on the circumstances, I do not ask twice when it comes to hitchhiking. My first time was actually at my first pass during my third day of cycling.

After a long day of cycling only uphill for more than m of altitude, I was quite tired when the clock showed 5pm. I knew that it to,togul another m of altitude ij the pass — I would surely not accomplish that on the same day. No space for camping at all. Thus, I tried to push on, hoping I Blins find some space further up the pass. Instead, my eyesight went blank for a moment and I could feel I had nothing left in my legs. Almost blind, I stopped, turned around and stuck my thumb out. When I opened my eyes again, a truck driver made an apologetic gestures when he approached me. When he passed, I felt like the last person on earth, utterly exhausted. Then, brakes squealed.

The truck driver had stopped at the next hairpin, gesturing to me that I should come up. I have rarely been that grateful! Since then, I have hitchhiked another few times, when I was physically exhausted or sick, or when I knew the stretch would have heavy traffic. The truck drivers here are incredibly nice and never accept any money. The price you pay, though, is that inevitably, something on your gear or bike will get broken. Well, so far, I could fix most things again it also makes it feel that bringing so much repair stuff was a good idea. Other people you meet on the way… herding sheep or horses So far, I have met at least one cyclist per day — most of them have started in Europe in spring and now cycle through Kyrgyzstan before descending into China.

Meeting other cyclists is always a joyful occurance. You always stop, no matter your schedule, to chat about your destinations and the road ahead.

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