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If you're going to read TechCrunch and Reddit and Digg all day, franisco thing. And even big tech companies have pretty even gender ratios, at least out of my sample size of one. My cube is 3 women and 4 men; so was my last project. Back when I had roommates, it was 2 girls and me.

I think people find the Bay Area so rfddit because the people who move here are often hostile to dating. A lot of guys come to Silicon Valley to seek their fame and fortune with this wild-eyed technology vision, francisfo they'll put their nose to the grindstone dan concentrate on their code for 5 years. That's not a very good way to meet women; most of them don't exactly care for that lifestyle. Then again, I've been here for 6 months and am still single. Then again again, I haven't exactly been looking very hard. I'm one of the dating hostile well, apathetic folks. Not true at all! Really driven, busy women usually choose choose driven, busy men.

I worked full time, ran my own company, and had a full classload studying for a business degree for two years. My working breakdown drancisco The rest of the last five years haven't been much less busy. In that time, I had a girlfriend who was a fashion editor and had her own talk show, dated an award-winning genius hyper-athletic architect, and had a really cute girl in medicine. All busy girls. I also had a couple other girls who led more casual lives, but came from driven families. My main girlfriend for a while had parents supporting her, and she picked me up and dropped me off from many of my classes, she cooked for me while I was doing my work, and when I got a bit of time off, we'd rent movies or go to a casino or something.

Normal, regular people don't understand busy, driven people. That's both regular men and women. It's hard to have "normal" friends when hours of your schedule are blocked out each week with craziness. But busy people understand - so I went skiing and diving and got into trouble with my busy, driven friends when we had some vacation time, and the girls were always happy. Start looking for girls who are hyper-driven themselves: Lawyers, architects, executives, media, etc. And look at girls who have a super-driven father, which is just generally good advice for a driven man anyways. Regular people don't understand busy people, and get offended, and want a "work-life balance" instead of building an empire.

And that's fine, if they're happy. But there's plenty of woman who want, love, embrace, and support a driven man. Get one of those girls and you're cruising. I wouldn't recommend trying to date a "civilian" if you're living a crazy life though, they don't understand, won't understand, can't understand. I think I have decent social skills and a pretty good sense of humor.

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Granted, in many social situations, social anxiety takes over and makes it difficult for me to really interact with others and enjoy myself. Of course, I don't mean to brag about myself. I realize I'm not perfect. I realize there are plenty of guys who are better looking than me, who have better jobs than I do, who are in better shape than I am, who have better social skills than I do, who are funnier than I am, and who are generally more popular and "cooler" than I am. I also realize I may be overestimating what I've got going for me. But I'm just trying to say that I do have redeeming qualities. As someone who would describe himself as "average-to-maybe-slightly-above-average", I don't think that there's much that a woman would see desirable about me, especially when she's surrounded by other guys, many of whom have more to offer than I do.

Dating in san francisco reddit 5050 make matters worse, many of the women in the Bay Area tend to be wary of Indian men, mostly because they've often had bad experiences with recent male immigrants from India who have no idea how to interact with women and who often have pretty backwards views. I'd like to think that, as a westernized Indian guy who was born and raised here, I know better, but it doesn't change the fact that many women in this area tend to be wary of Indian guys. Of course, I could try to find a partner who lives in San Francisco or Oakland, where the gender ratios are slightly closer to but still majority male.

The problem is that women in those cities tend to prefer men who also live in those cities. Additionally, the men in those cities tend to have more to offer in terms of appearance, social skills, personality, etc. Finally, most women, I'd think, would prefer to date someone who doesn't live more than 30 miles away. So here I am. While I realize I'm not a catch and that women have no reason to throw themselves at me, I do think that I have some things to offer. But I think the main reason I've had so little success in dating is that the odds are stacked against me as a result of the gender ratio where I live. Sure, there will be guys who have more to offer than I do no matter where I live.

But I think that, in the Bay Area, the sheer number of guys puts me at a disadvantage. It just makes me feel disheartened and intimidated. If I want to find a partner, do you think I'll need to move somewhere where the odds are a bit more in my favor? If not, what do you think I should do? How should I try to get over this feeling of intimidation and discouragement?

rrancisco Is there something in particular I should try in order to improve my odds of meeting someone? Should I just give up? I should notice that I'm not interested in dating Indian women. This may sound a bit hypocritical, but for me, it's actually for a psychological reason. Simply put, Indian women remind me of my female relatives - my mother, my grandmothers, my aunts, my nieces, my female cousins, etc.

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