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Create an Organizational Forms Library in Exchange or Office 365

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Public Folders. Office Yes, this article is about adding Organizational Forms to your Office tenant.

In all previous versions of Exchange and beforeif you have Public Folders, you had Organizational Forms. This folder was included by default in System Folders. With the new modern public folders, this has been removed as a default folder no System Folders no Organizational Forms. Publishing forms Publishing a form is a lot like saving the form. When you finish your form, you can publish it to a specific folder location. Follow these steps to publish a form to a folder or forms library: Click Design A Form on the Developer tab.

Select the form that you want outtlook publish, and then click Open. The first time you use the Publish button, the Publish Form As dialog box will be displayed, but after a form has been saved once, the Publish button will simply save the existing form, overwriting the previous version. In the Look In drop-down list, select the folder or forms library where you want to publish the form. The default is the Personal Forms Library.

Organizational outlook Updating forms

Type the display name and the form name. They would like to have a separate forms library for the appreciation forms. Is this possible? The forms can be cateogized on the properties page, which may help keep them separated. As organizations migrate to Exchange Online I will set up a shared folder and publish a custom form to that folder.

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I've been told to use PowerShell, is that correct? Do you have other suggestions? Thanks for Updatinh feedback! January 22, Only the location of the server changes. You can't run macros using powershell - you will need to either have the code behind the form, or use VBA installed on desktops preferably a com addin as its easier to push out an update. I try to publish it but when I select organizational library the OK Box is frayed out.

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