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That part of the T is not as high speed as the El.

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My point of sptos is Chicago dafing I can tell you there's a clear dividing line between those who live in or near the loop and those who live in Boson or North shore suburbs. Crossing the river is not an issue here like it is in some other places. Brookline and Cambridge, in many respects, may as well be a part of the city. And I believe that if you added Brookline and Cambridge to Boston to make one city, it still wouldn't be as large as the City of Chicago. I've heard the T isn't very reliable and delays are rampant although based on threads in these forums that seems disputed. No restaurant in New England more faithfully reproduces Tuscan culinary traditions.

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Evanston to the Loop is much longer, and even Evanston to Lincoln Park is more of a time commitment than a lot of people might want to make on a spur of the moment thing or if they are going after work. You are completely on the right track as far as not wanting to move out into the burbs for purposes of dating and making new friends. The Beehive Address: This is the birthplace of the Boston Cream Pie — so obviously you must try it They have a pre-theater menu 5. The El from Lincoln Park to Chicago is usually a breeze and runs quickly.

Originally Posted by polsprof But that raises the question do people not meet if they live on opposite sides of the river? Amongst the backdrop of an eclectic, funky, yet elegant spotd space, you can enjoy delicious food, sumptuous cocktails, and world-class live music every day of the week. The T -- especially the green line going out to BC is much slower - the portions that head out to BC are above ground trollies that cross roads in some places. One of the best places to enjoy Jazz in the country Whether you are into Jazz or not, you should try this spot, especially if your date likes Jazz Your fellow patrons will be an eclectic bunch — cool, interesting and diverse Address:

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