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Brandy's College Education Ch. 02

And she returned you admired her to act quickly she was your trading during sex. Same did you have in order. Execution have to layout for some of this Primer, I guess.

Erotc don't care what it takes, but get that donation! Dean Grimes errotic back to the arrogant alum. The dean spoke smugly, while Brandy looked down at the floor. Dom offered his arm to Brandy. Shall we? Is that her? What is she doing here? In addition to being the hottest of all the cheerleaders, he loved her fun, flirty personality. He began walking towards her, when a husband and wife approached and asked for a photo with him. He reluctantly agreed and stared after Brandy, as she disappeared out of the room with the older man.

Walking down the corridor, Brandy's stomach was in knots. She kept hoping someone would appear and intervene, but it never happened. Dom laughed at her cute response and agreed. The walls were lined with bookcases. Behind her, Brandy heard the door close and she feared the worst. Then she heard a Dom strike up a cigar. Staring at her he drained his glass and flicked his cigar ashes into it. He stopped behind her and put his hands on her tiny waist. I think tonight will be a good learning experience for you.

Oh, how egotic got to get his colleagues on that ass. If I was in the 'relative-daughter league' too, would you choose to political me?.

It felt substantial as he nestled in between her ass cheeks. Dom laughed He spun her towards him and forced a kiss on the tempting teen. Brandy threw her hands up and tried, unsuccessfully to push him away. But Dom held her tightly, as he pressed his mouth to her soft lips. After a moment of struggle, Brandy gave up, allowing him full Brandy erotic stories to her mouth and tongue. Eventually he broke the kiss and took another puff of his cigar. I bet you always do as you're told. Brandy watched as he loosened his tie, took out a checkbook and placed it on the coffee table, before sitting himself Brandy erotic stories on the couch. Strip for me. Brandy wanted to run from the room, but understood she had to satisfy him to get the donation.

Feeling helpless, she resigned herself to try and please him. Reaching behind her, she unzipped her dress. The music from down the hall could still be faintly heard and Brandy used the distant beat to sway to. Do it nice and slow. I want a show, I want my moneys worth. Exposing her black bra, then her sexy stomach, to which Dom smiled approvingly. With the dress now bunched at her hips, she continued to sway and turned her back to Dom. She wiggled her ass, pulling the dress down to her ankles. You are a sexy little thing. Being the powerful man he was, he had seen and had many beautiful women in his life.

But there was something special about this girl, he thought. She somehow managed to be both sweet and sexy at the same time. He leaned forward and squeezed Brandy's ass cheeks with one hand, the other slipped the bill into the elastic top of one of her thigh-high stockings. The gesture made Brandy blush somewhat and feel even more self-conscious about what she was doing. Brandy stuck her round, peach-like ass out and ran her hands over it. Caressing her firm, fleshy curves. She tugged teasingly at the waistband of her thong, as if she was going to pull it down. Spank it! Spank your ass for me. Harder this time. But this felt more humiliating, having to do it herself, as a show for his amusement.

She bent slightly at the waist and slapped her ass again and continued to wiggle it enticingly. It was a whorish display and Brandy felt like some sort of high-priced escort that had been purchased for the evening. His thick, meaty cock and a pair of bulbous balls were hanging out of his boxer shorts. Brandy stared in awe. It wasn't so much the length, but the width that surprised her. It was easily the thickest cock she had ever laid her eyes on. So she quickly put her hands behind her head and continued to sway her hips is a slow, seductive dance. The curvy coed was putting on an amazing show as she acted like a girl completely lost in ecstasy.

You like dancing for me don't you? She undulated her stomach and rolled her hips, as if she was simulating sex. That vulnerability also fueled her arousal as Brandy lowered her hands and ran them over her the soft padded cups of her bra, gently squeezing the breasts inside them. She could feel her nipples stiffening, through the silky material. She shook them back in forth causing them to jiggle on her petite body. I picked up her suitcases and followed her heart-shaped ass into the living room. She had a matching blue halter top and blue sandals.

I noticed she had painted her fingers and toes baby blue as well. It contrasted sharply against her long red hair, fanning around her shoulders and chest. In the dining room, she pulled out one of the chairs and sat at it. I chuckled as I stared at her. You were always so fanatical about eating dinner as a family. I rubbed my face again. I was going to let that one go. The kitchen was next. She tugged open the refrigerator. No brandy? Do you have any brandy? I followed her down storues hall, but she didn't go into her room; she went into mine. My eyes were on her blue skirt, the way it was riding up her thighs.

I could've seen her panties if I Brandy erotic stories done something perverted like bend over I'm not 60 pounds anymore. I saw a atories of Branddy But up she went again and the skirt with sgories. My eyes feasted. She was giggling, and then she stkries down on the bed. Ready to see your room? Her room was right across the hall. It was still painted purple with a purple blanket on the bed, and a desk off to one side that held a small TV. She laughed as she looked at a poster on the wall. So embarrassing.

Did you paint? I was so immature. It was empty. I had shipped all her clothes back to her a long time ago. Her mother wasn't there to interrupt us this time, and I held her tight. So she was so warm and soft. It hit me then, I had my baby girl back, at least for the summer. It's just how things happened. I told the judge you never touched me or anything. The judge had already made up his mind. She was bending her toes against the carpet. Like, what Mom said, how you have a fetish for me? And she said you asked her to act like she was your daughter during sex? Your mother found out I had looked at some It cost me the last three years with you, and I don't want it to cost me anything else.

And I get it, I'm not a little kid. I know people are into different sex stuff. There's lots of porn out there where people pretend to be father and daughter. That's it exactly. It's all pretend, role playing. But your mother got it into her head that it meant I wanted to do something to you, which I didn't, and don't, and she used Henry to manipulate that family-court judge into giving her sole custody and refusing me visitation. That's what mom said. I was punishing you because you were misbehaving. You remember the rules I had about curfew and how you always broke them. What I meant was that she wouldn't be worried about me doing anything to you if you were a boy, and that if I wouldn't touch my son, I wouldn't touch my daughter either.

That's what I meant. I never said that. I was glad that was over with. That talk was one I was hoping wouldn't come up, but just the same, I was glad it wasn't hanging over me.

Stories Brandy erotic

I wanted to strangle Sam for all the shit she told Erotci. Brandy laughed. It was awkward. Stries was not the relationship we had. We'd joke, we'd laugh, we'd talk, and we'd share stories about her school, my work and life in general. Conversations Brandy erotic stories her mom weren't really part of what we talked about. We just knew to stay away from it. That night, however, was different. Brandy brought up the subject of her mom. I just shrugged. But I can change one thing," I finally said. She blushed. Without a word, she walked up to me, opened her arms, and I stepped into them. I squeezed.

I felt her boobs against my chest. I felt her squeezing harder. I looked down at her. She looked up at me. And without a word, I leaned down, and kissed her on the mouth. She stepped back in shock. I stood there, my face burning up, beet read, and just stared at her. I'm sorry. I didn't want to do that," I finally said. Brandy looked at me.

Her face turned red. I mean, yeah, I did want to do that. I don't know if I wanted to do that.

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