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We continue to work closely with the Arab British Chamber of Commerce in the pursuance of these objectives. Arab banks, by virtue of their history, and of Mr George Kanaan the economies in which they have risen, are Chief Executive Officer, particularly adept at lending to SMEs. This is fashionable now, with western banks having The Arab Bankers Association to make adjustments in order to down-shift into this market.

Malta was one of two countries that were tied for first place with the title of Best Climate, according to the Quality of Life Index issued by the International Living magazine last year. Sharing top honours was Zimbabwe. How about a stable government, economy and a modern health service? These factors carry a lot of pull for wealthy English and Europeans looking to get away from their frosty climes. In fact, frost and snow are unknown in Malta with shirt sleeve order and temperatures of 70 degrees Fahrenheit 21 degrees C in November. Flights to many European capitals are just 3 hours away. Crime is low, education levels high, the locals hospitable and Englishspeaking with 48 English language schools.

As a result, homes and apartments here have now attracted the international set. So has the historic harbours, 5-star hotels, restaurants and summer nightlife. He cost-competitive jurisdiction has spurred more had a multi million Euro dream. He wanted demand for high quality homes in the sun. Sure, the buyers who could make the right investment island had a loyal following of repeat overseas decision. His vision of the Portomaso marina visitors but nothing that one could call gold would bring Malta to the attention of the standard. That was International Property Awards. As a result, until Portomaso was built. Ta Monita residence City fund managers and international footballers also recognise the value of good property standards in Malta.

More to the point, poured well-heeled, into these two moulds are all the expectations footballers. Rental income has also risen, in many been designed to suit most pockets.

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A whole clutch of awards for Best Marina Development was won by Portomaso in, and Gold in In nees with global trends, banks across the region have eneds investing in innovative banking technologies and IT infrastructure with the aim of offering the latest and more convenient ways of banking to their customers. The process is also one of financial inclusion in that it is bringing banking services within the reach of many more customers. The Arab nw services industry is in the more common across some Gulf countries. This end ofcompared to just over million midst of an IT spending boom.

According to market is still far from mature, but it is already in Business process million to The report cited a study by through the Internet and social media. This The forecast, released in Augustincludes IDC which said that a growing number of IT pioneering bank was prominently featured at spending by banking organisations on internal services were coming available to the public, the Arabian Banking Technology Exhibition and IT services, IT services, software, data centre notably in the areas of e-government, banking Conference, ABTECheld in Bahrain in technologies, devices and telecom services, and healthcare. All banks in the Kingdom were April, an indication of the widespread interest in Gartner said.

According to a report in Arabian Industry, 11 to facilitate payment services, the study said. Augustthe research house predicted In emerging markets, mobile devices provide access to financial services to previously under-banked populations.

This would largely be down to the expansion strategies of banks financial services sector to millions of previously unbanked consumers. By so doing it is bringing more people into the orbit of the established financial system rather than being reliant on cash transactions. This increased accessibility across the region, and the modernisation and of banking services has the potential to replacement projects banks are putting into improve the efficiency of transactions, enhance their back-office systems, Gartner said. With the launch of the mobile payment gateway and the ensuing mobile wallet solutions, more than 80 million mobile users in Egypt now have access to financial services that allow them to make bill payments, firms in the MENA region.

The survey polled between banks and customers, provides more service providers in 56 countries. With smartphone out in its World Investment Report. It added that Millions of people in Africa have for years Kenya has become a world leader in payment been using mobile phones to pay bills, move by mobile phone, stirring hope that Africa money around and buy basic everyday items. Furthermore, organiser of the Arabian Banking Technology for many whose literacy skills are minimal. All according to the study, in order to deliver Exhibition and Conference held in Bahrain in that needs to be done is to register with an better services, participants thought that April The account experience the same quality standard through can then be used it to make payments and to traditional or new communication channels.

While the individual amounts Inevitably, there are several regulatory International Marketing at Compass Plus, of cash that are generally being transferred challenges that have been thrown up by the argued that: Questions Middle East must ensure that they commit volume of business more than compensates; in for the industry and governments arise such to providing a new generation of mobile fact the level of use make the provision of such as whether non-banks should be permitted to solutions to their customers that highlight the services are lucrative business. Will it be the established banking Writing in The Banker Middle East, Mayon the growing trend for mobile banking and the expectations for its adoption within the Arab markets, Bethan Cowper, Head of The increased use of mobile banking facilities will also have other benefits, market research programmes to extend banking services to regulators or telecom authorities, for instance?

Moreover, how are central banks expected to of Linz, Austria and Visa, claimed that there is a It has been estimated that there are a billion control the money supply and prevent money strong inverse relationship between increasing laundering which may be facilitated via online payment transactions and the volume people around the world who lack a normal bank account but who do own a mobile. It is also an estimated that there are 2. Illiteracy, poverty, conflicts and lack of infrastructure all contribute to preventing 16 mobile banking? These and other important questions have emerged for the industry to address and the solutions will no doubt need to be dealt with at both the national and international levels.

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