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Rustled from Spanish settlements in the southwest, the pony gradually became crossed with other breeds after the annexation of the Plains by the United States in By the end cating the century it bore little resemblance to the early horse. The culture of the Plains Indians was so expanded after their introduction to the horse that they were able to resist the encroachment of the white intruders better than other Indian tribes. Used only as a source of food at first, the Indians observed the Spanish methods of training and handling domesticated horses and so began to acquire horses as well as develop horsemanship. When riding, the American Indian was the finest of horsemen.

Then enabled the skilled Comanche rider to carry out raids deep into Mexico. Comanches acted as brokers to the Northern tribes, providing horses already broken. The lives of the nomadic Plains tribes was revolutionized by the use of the horse. Before the acquisition of the horse, hunting was a necessity of life for the Indian. Apache casualties were also heavy. Military operations intensified, but, at the same time, Apache who voluntarily surrendered and settled at the presidios were treated kindly and provided rations. Another factor inducing the Apache to make peace may have been the fact that New Mexico had made peace with the Comanche inand Comanche were now joining the Spanish in military operations against the Apache.

The number of Apache still living in the mountains and deserts is unknown. Relative peace between the Apache and the Spaniards and Mexicans would endure until Most of the raids into Mexico were carried New spain and the comanche encounters dating by the Chiricahua and Mescalero. When Mexico became independent in the long-standing peace with the Apache began to fall apart. The number of soldiers at the frontier presidios was reduced, as was the budget for supporting the soldiers and the Apache. The key element leading to war was that, inthe Mexican government cut off food rations to Apaches settled near presidios.

The 2, Apache at the presidios quickly departed, it being necessary for them to resume their hunting-gathering lifestyle if they were to survive. The military commander of Chihuahua declared war on the Apache on October 16, and initiated military action against them. The two states most affected, Chihuahua and Sonora, operated almost independently of each other and the federal government. Sonora which included Arizona at this time had a thinly-scattered population of perhaps 50, people; Chihuahua had a more concentrated population ofand a better organized government.

Neither tribe had a central authority but consisted of a number of independent bands, numbering toeach of which made their own decision concerning peace or war with the Mexicans. Bands would often unite temporarily to launch larger forces against the Mexicans, but most Apache raids were relatively small scale, involving a few dozen warriors. Of those, the most remote, primitive, and irredeemably hostile were a band of Comanches known as the Quahadis. Like all Plains Indians, they were nomadic. They hunted primarily the southernmost part of the high plains, a place known to the Spanish, who had been abjectly driven from it, as Comancheria. The Llano Estacado, located within Comancheria, was a dead-flat tableland larger than New England and rising, in its highest elevations, to more than five thousand feet.

For Europeans, the land was like a bad hallucination. In the east was the precipitous Caprock Escarpment, a cliff rising somewhere between two hundred and one thousand feet that demarcates the high plains from the lower Permian Plains below, giving the Quahadis something that approximated a gigantic, nearly impregnable fortress. Unlike almost all of the other tribal bands on the plains, the Quahadis had always shunned contact with Anglos. They would not even trade with them, as a general principle, preferring the Mexican traders from Santa Fe, known as Comancheros. So aloof were they that in the numerous Indian ethnographies compiled from onward chronicling the various Comanche bands there were as many as thirteenthey do not even show up until Virtually alone among all bands of all tribes in North America, they never signed a treaty.

Quahadis were the hardest, fiercest, least yielding component of a tribe that had long encountera the reputation as the most violent and warlike on the continent; if they datong low on water, they were known to drink the contents of a dead horse's stomach, something even the toughest Texas Ranger would xomanche do. Even other Comanches feared them. They were the richest of all plains bands in the currency by which Indians measured wealth — horses — and in the years after the Civil War managed a herd of some fifteen thousand. They also owned "Texas cattle without number. Because they were nomadic, it was not possible to fix their location.

One could know only their general ranges, their hunting grounds, perhaps old camp locations. They were known to hunt the Llano Estacado; they liked to camp in the depths of Palo Duro Canyon, the second-largest canyon in North America after the Grand Canyon; they often stayed near the head-waters of the Pease River and McClellan's Creek; and in Blanco Canyon, all within a roughly hundred-mile ambit of present-day Amarillo in the upper Texas Panhandle. If you were pursuing them, as Mackenzie was, you had your Tonkawa scouts fan out far in advance of the column. The Tonks, as they were called, members of an occasionally cannibalistic Indian tribe that had nearly been exterminated by Comanches and whose remaining members lusted for vengeance, would look for signs, try to cut trails, then follow the trails to the lodges.

Without them the army would never have had the shadow of a chance against these or any Indians on the open plains.

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By the afternoon of the second day, the Tonks had found a trail. They reported to Mackenzie that they were tracking a Quahadi band under the leadership of a brilliant young war ebcounters named Quanah — a Comanche word that meant "odor" or "fragrance. Mackenzie had a certain advantage in that thhe white man had ever dared try such a thing before; not in the panhandle plains, not against the Quahadis. Mackenzie and his men did not know much about Quanah. No one did. Though there is envounters intimacy of information on the frontier — opposing sides often had a surprisingly detailed understanding of one another, in spite of the enormous physical distances between them and the fact that they were trying to kill one another — Quanah was simply too young for anyone to know much about him yet, where he had been, or what he had done.

Though no one would be able to even estimate the date of his birth until many years later, it was mostly likely inmaking him twenty-three that year and eight years younger than Mackenzie, who was also so young that few people in Texas, Indian or white, knew much about him at the time. Both men achieved their fame only in the final, brutal Indian wars of the mids. Quanah was exceptionally young to be a chief. He was reputed to be ruthless, clever, and fearless in battle. But there was something else about Quanah, too. He was a half-breed, the son of a Comanche chief and a white woman. People on the Texas frontier would soon learn this about him, partly because the fact was so exceptional.

Comanche communications had for centuries faced welcome captives — Urban, French, Flow, Spanish, Mexican, and Twisted datihg and overlay children by them who were able as Comanches. Stamps would often do not to launch larger ideas against the Us, but most Common raids were not eligible scale, pairing a few trade warriors.

Comanche warriors had for centuries taken female captives — Indian, French, English, Encountera, Mexican, and American — and fathered children by them who were spaib as Comanches. Nermernuh Comanche, self-name Nermernuh, North American Indian tribe of equestrian nomads whose 18th- and 19th-century territory comprised the southern Great Plains. They moved south in successive stages, attacking and displacing other tribes, notably the Apachewhom they drove from the southern Plains. By the early s the Comanche were very powerful, with a population estimated at from 7, anc as many as 30, individuals.

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