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Stories from sex ed: What are your most memorable tales from school?

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They only use slang. While some of us got lucky and had the benefit of caring and open-minded educators, many others were taught false or damaging things that took many years to unlearn. Opponents say it is not age-appropriate and pushes a socially liberal agenda, with discussions of homosexuality and gender identity having especially alarmed many parents. The curriculum itself, however, is meant to give children the basic tools to navigate relationships, identify boundaries and consent, protect themselves from sexually transmitted infections and understand sexual and gender diversity. Even staunch conservatives like former Sun News host Michael Coren say the debate has gone off the rails, made worse by misinformation from critics of the new curriculum.

I put out a call on social media this week for stories that highlight the good, the bad, and the weird parts of sex education in Canada.

The responses from friends and strangers alike show just how wide a gulf there is between what we claim to want — accurate information to help young people stay safe and healthy — and what we often end up with. Our middle-aged, slightly demented male Grade 5 teacher taught all the sex ed material to our co-ed class. It was my first year in public school after being transferred from catholic school — talking about sex in class was very taboo for me, but I was curious. The teacher brought out these two felt posters of a man and a woman, and hung them on the wall. Anyway, after we were dismissed from class, I had forgotten something at my desk and had to go back. I walked in on the teacher suggestively squeezing the breast-pillow attachments as he removed them from the velcro chest, leering at the student teacher.

Even then I could tell he was being a creep and making her totally uncomfortable. I remember at one point some of our teachers even encouraged us to take chastity vows. There are two memories of our sex education classes that really stick out to me. The second memory is of a story we had to read in one of our textbooks. It may have been in printed literature but my Grade 9 health and phys. There was only one openly gay person in my high school of around 1, people. When I was in Grade 10, he fatally shot himself with a shotgun. Nobody at the school officially acknowledged his death perhaps because it was suicide but the message was that nobody cares about gay kids.

I literally felt like I might be the only one left after he died. He said that in our class of 25, at least a couple of us would be gay and that was normal. At least two of us are, I later found out. Even though I had read that fact many times before online, hearing a teacher say it gave it legitimacy and made things a lot better for those of use who were in the closet or still figuring out our sexuality. Our textbook was called Fully Alive. In Grade 6 or 7 we started receiving lessons about puberty and such. We were totally all masturbating. We later learned body parts and, next year, that sex was a thing.

How on earth does that go in there? How does it come out? What if that happened!!!? How mortifying would that be!? No matter how carefully I read the tiny folded up instructions in the box, it truly was a mystery. In the end a few of us finally got together in the school washroom and casually asked that one friend who was open about the fact that she used them. Some time later, we had a young woman working with a Christian organization come teach us girls about menstruation and abstinence. All I can really remember is her telling us that a common symptom of menstruation is feeling bloated.

I remember a couple classes on puberty in Grade 7, and vaguely recall a thing about reproduction and childbirth in biology class, but that was really it. When I was in Grade 11 or 12 there was an outbreak of chlamydia amongst a group of younger students. There were also a few pregnancies and abortion rumours floating around.

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All this put the teachers in panic mode I guess, so they decided Fitst give the younger students ssx sex ed classes. When my class heard about this we slug a sex ed class of our own. That was all we got, one class. I think it was during English. It northwrn very nuts and bolts, though: Nothing about respect or consent or anything like that. Honestly by that time we already knew anything we needed to know from watching the Sunday Night Sex Show with Sue Johanson, but it was the principle of the matter. I mean, you should know about the names of your own body. Indeed, one night several years later, his mom was doing dinner dishes at the sink and his dad was plopped on the couch a few feet away in their tiny South Philly house, and Vernacchio mustered the courage to tell them that he was happily dating someone.

She wears her long blond hair in two braids and shyly divulged that she was in love with her boyfriend of eight months.

But the numbers fail to capture the variation within the sexual histories. Of the two girls Fiirst more than two partners, one was the girl who appreciated purely sexual encounters. The other told me that during the summer before ninth grade, she was raped one night on a beach by a stranger. As to whether his class encourages teenagers to have sex — a protest perennially lodged against even basic sex ed though pretty firmly disproved by research — Vernacchio said that he portrays sex in all its glory and complications. To that end, he spends one class leading the students through a kind of cost-benefit analysis of various types of relationships, from friendship to old-school dating to hookups.

When he asked his students about the benefits of hookups, the kids volunteered: Invalid email address.

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