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So far I manipulation the software appears very very but finding out how to use it is already being. Used about participation, if you stop some interesting things, or you need to modify the option seller dynamic to your needs, our high-qualified unchecked budget is always start to help you with it, it is important service, as minimal work and efforts are relevant in this treatment. You can vary our extensive site here make:.

What kind of extra modifications have you ordered? The thing is, extra charges are only required for custom modifications, not for bug fixing. Tech support is free of charge and life-time. I like it Reviewed by Jackson on Feb 11th, I work with pilotgroup software around two years perfect support, cheap and fast custom modifications. We appreciate your comment. Dating is a good software for a fair price.

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It has a number of features that are helpful in certain situations. It would also be nice to have more features for targeting, better seo. It was disappointing to see that the software would not initially install on my server. I address the customer care and it took 2 or 3 days to install it. We are thinking about further improvements in targeting and SEO in the future releases. Sorry to hear about installation. It might have had to do with server requirements being different from https: Any good reviews were posted by pilot group. The custumer service is the worst i have ever seen. I kid you now, 1 year and 5 project managers later, it still is not complete.

I swear i put in about 10 hours a week just trying to get a hold of someone. Awful experiance. Horrible experience with programming and waste of time and money Rating: I have spent 8 months now dealing with their horrible and inadequate programming. They say you can use PayPal but I had to pay my own programmer to 1 get PayPal to set up the monthly recurring charges, and 2 to communicate BACK to my site that they had paid! I'm so upset - if I'd known back in April what I know now, I would have spent the same amount of time and money building my own site from scratch. I beg you, don't take the chance - the programming is horrible. OH - and the version I bought didn't support their private phone calls for my users either, as they claimed they do - and they weren't willing to fix it.

Nightmare after nightmare We are working at improving the quality of our software solutions all the time, including payment systems integrations, and we will be glad to provide patches for the malfunctions that you listed. However if any of the items require additional modifications, code customization is necessary, and it is not part of the standard service. Hope you understand. What concerns hosting services, a dedicated server may be better suited for certain needs than an account on a shared server, that is true. Be aware of this software! For some reasons we could not start work on project until today. I have newer seen such a buggy commercial software and ancient functionality of modules.

Some of them are newer worked as advertized. After chat with support my disappointment reach the maximum. I asked for upgrade and bug fix but this "nice people" asked me to buy it. No thank you, we already purchased something that newer worked well, and you asking to purchase it again? So if you thinking of buying products of this company be prepared to get trapped and receive software that newer were finished, and does not correspond to actual advertised functionality. Good luck Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend RE: There have been a lot of improvements and new features since We have always provided free upgrades within 1 year after initial purchase.

It is still possible to upgrade for the versions released within the first year after the purchase, and it will not cost extra. What you experienced is probably our Sales team offering you the latest version. Bug fix is free of charge and we do not plan on changing that, as technical support is one of our priorities in working with customers. I know that since you posted your comment here, you have come in contact with our Support team and had your site updated to the latest version of the script, and hopefully are more content with it now. If you have any questions, do contact our Sales and Support team.

We are here to help. Good product Rating: PG Dating Pro products erases distances and frontiers between countries and continents and gives men and women from different countries the chance to change their Destiny and find Harmony and Happiness on their Life Journey. I am sincerely thankful to Pilot Group Rus Company and to all its employees for assistance in giving birth to my project and for my unique possibility to make my contribution into the struggle with powerful force of Solitude. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend RE: Good luck with your project!

Dating Pro has poor support Rating: Every part of the program had bugs and it takes their support team days and weeks to fix these issues. If you plan to run a dating biz online, look elsewhere. We could not identify you as a customer. Is it possible that you provide an update on how the issues were resolved if at all?

We are constantly working at improving our customer services. Any comments and suggestions from Pg dating pro demo works part are welcome. PG Dating Pro Rating: Their sales and support service is bad; they dont return emails; they dont keep promises they make to you - even if you want to buy something. So, save your money until they get their act together. Go somewhere else with your buck, this site has many bad reviews on the net and there is a reason for it Recently a new support system has been introduced helpdesk and tickets which should as well contribute to providing better support service, take a look: They never answer your e-mails or they use the excuse that they never got it.

You hear the same crap out of their mouths every day. I have copied several e-mails down over the last year. The company has an F rating on BBB site, which means datingpro pilotgroup is a scam. We are based in Russia, that is why we did not pay enough attention to our rating with BBB agency. The message wall is a poor idea for a dating script. The script allows you to charge users for certain features: There is a gift store option too for a fee. I also noticed that users can upload banners to their account. I still have no reason why this option is in the account area for people who are dating.

The admin area loads quickly and is simple to navigate. Everything can be reached via the main menu that is displayed on the left column. The admin area has a clean minimal design. Once you have configured your website, the admin area will be mainly used to moderate users, content, and payments. Can you imagine doing this for thousands of users? SEO has to be done manually. The script supports a dozen billing systems, including PayPal, 2Checkout, and Google Wallet though I did not test these.

Basic elements of your design can be modified through the admin area too: You cannot choose what features a particular package will have by default, or modify datiing. While I have no problem with the minimal look of the admin area, I was concerned about the lack of options. The admin area feels a little dated and there are not enough options to help you customise your dating website fully. Pricing We finally come to the elephant in the room: PG Dating Pro feels like a dated script that would not feel out of place ten years ago.

You cannot list what features a certain package will have by hans, or modify permissions. Frequent Trial. I will give this story when there are any problems.

A lack of experience. Unwillingness to give you a cost estimate for free. If the project is big, estimating the scope of work may take several hours or days. You have to either include it in the overall price or pay for it separately. So, add a remark stating the assessment will be paid for. Select two or three candidates by the following criteria: This will give you a chance to lower the costs. As for the remaining participants of your tender, keep them in reserve. Such specialists have good stats: Extremely friendly! What should I do when I'm from Great Britain?

I'll try to register with the following country: Don't understand why it works so slow. Thought I would never succeed… Well. Possilbly the first place in the Internet where you can see the entered password. On the demo site of PG Dating I see some features which are NOT available in the list of the features which are being shipped in the software package. Those features should be purchased separately. An example of that is Forum which is an add-on and costs 10 USD: Misleading… Again. Multiple languages Multiple language support will help you cater to international audiences. Right-to-left languages also supported.

Free installation and setup Contact us in the live chat, by email, by phone, on Facebook and Twitter. We speak English, Russian, German and French. Get a free quote for any ideas Our in-house team of experts can perform different types of custom changes. You work with your personal project manager.

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