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Salvator's Hall — the same dormitory as Prince William of Wales. Middleton and Prince William shared several classes in their course schedule as well, and soon became friends But while they often shared breakfast and walked to classes together, the two were not interested in each other romantically at first. Middleton was dating senior Rupert Finch, and William was busy dealing with the press and struggling with his feelings about his new school.

But inMiddleton appeared in an exclusive fashion-show fundraiser wearing a revealing dress. William was also present at the charity event, and became off and interested in Kate in a new way. He attempted to engage her romantically that evening but, still in a relationship with Finch, Middleton spurned the future king's advances. Royal Romance Middleton's boyfriend graduated at the end of the school term, and the couple soon parted ways over issues of distance.

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Newly single and entering her snd year, Middleton and znd friends were invited to share a flat with Prince William, a setting that allowed their budding romance to blossom. At first, Middleton's life didn't change much. The bjrth kept their relationship a secret, mostly due to the prince's extreme distrust of the press. Bitrh remained in the hospital for three days. Patrick's Day, 17 Marchthe Duchess carried out the traditional awarding bith shamrocks to the Irish Guards at their base in Aldershot; this was her first solo military engagement. These causes were close to their hearts and reflected the experiences, passions aand values of Katee lives.

She said the campaign was personal to her as both her grandmother and great-grandmother were volunteer nurses. Personal life The personal life of Kate Middleton had quickly attracted the attention of mass media representatives. There was the moment when the girl even had to ask for the help of her lawyers to protect her private life. Kate met Prince William at the university and at the same time she had faced hard competition for the attention of the Prince. Prince William was at the same time attracted to two girls who were studying at the faculty of the English literature. But it happened so that he had quickly forgotten about the future specialists in English literature and diverted his attention to Kate.

Already inthey rented a house together with Kate, and in it was a country cottage. Their love affair developed under some unknown laws even though the young people took a lot of efforts to keep their relations in secret. Already then they couldn't be apart because they even spent their vacations together. Kate was also invited to the celebration. It's noteworthy that only Kate visited his name-day. Their relationship became stronger and stronger, which wasn't surprising, as they lived together and studied at the same university. At the end ofit was impossible to hide their love affair, and the press service of the royal family was forced to admit that the prince had relations with Kate who was a girl from an average family.

At once eighty people became puts of the asset monarch. The third thursday of the Royal magnitude was called Arnold Lloyd Charlie.

This news turned out to be shocking to the public. People began to compare Kate Middleton to the fairy-tale character of Cinderella. Fo people started to be interested in the girl's life. By the way, the Cinderella has rather average growth and weight daye cm and 60 kilos. Or will history repeat itself? Ganesha middletoh a peek into the future of the newly-wedded couple, with the help of Vedic astrology. Prince William Date of birth: City of birth: Ganesha notes that Rahu is in it's own constellation Ardra In Kate's chart, separative planet Saturn is placed in the 7th House of partnership Kate's 7th House of life partner's Lord Mercury is placed in the 11th House of gains In William's chart, 7th House of life partner's Lord Mercury is placed in the 6th House of troubles Venus, the significator of love is retrograde in Kate's chart forming Trine with William's Venus Kate is a Manglik and William is Non-Manglik.

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The couple already Kxte two children, Prince Georgefour, and Princess Charlottetwo. With the birth of their first inKate was in labour for around 11 hours and stayed overnight in hospital. Prince George was born on July 22,and Prince William was there for the birth. Kensington Palace sent a bulletin confirming the birth, which said: The Duke of Cambridge was present for the birth.

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