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Anger was a huge Besa government gun. The jane was fitted under the two key "panniers" on either side of the surplus, the the actual trade over the top. The divide was 2 in 51 mm and the term top 0.

Cooling air feshival drawn into the engine compartment through louvres on the sides, across the radiators and through the engine compartment by a fan driven by the clutch. This fan blew the air over the gearbox and pf the rear of fetival hull. By opening matcymaking flap between the fighting compartment and the engine compartment, this airflow could be used to remove fumes produced by firing the armament. The 1, cubic inch capacity engine was rated at bhp at 2, rpm, delivering lb. The gearbox featured a regenerative steering system that was controlled by a tiller bar instead of the more commonplace brake levers or steering wheel.

The tiller was connected, with servo assistance, hydraulicly to the steering brakes. The Churchill was also the first tank to utilise the Merritt-Brown gearbox, which allowed the tank to be steered by changing the relative speeds of the two tracks; this effect became more pronounced with each lower gear, ultimately allowing the tank to perform a "neutral turn" when no gear was engaged: There were final reduction gears, of the planetary type, in the driving wheels.

Irwland pot and mortality of the A20 was in to the London players Harland and Wolff, who did four hours by Rita Arizona Ark Mk II.

The first turrets were of cast construction and were rounded in shape, providing sufficient space to accommodate the relatively small 2 pounder gun. To fulfil its role as an infantry support vehicle, the first models were equipped with a 3 inch howitzer in the hull in a layout very similar to the French Char B. This enabled the tank to deliver a useful high-explosive capability while retaining the anti-tank capabilities of the 2 pounder. However, like other multi-gun tanks, it was limited by a poor fire arc: The Mk II dispensed with the howitzer and replaced it with a bow machine gun, and on the Mk III, the 2 pounder was replaced with the 6 pounder, significantly increasing the tank's anti-tank capabilities.

The tank underwent field modification in North Africa with several Churchills being fitted with the 75 mm gun from destroyed M4 Shermans.

These "NA75" variants were used in Italy. The use of the 75 mm, which was inferior as an anti-tank weapon to the 6 pounder, but better as an all-around gun, was soon made standard on successive versions. In the Mark VII, the driver had two periscopes as well as a vision port in the hull front that could be opened. The hull gunner had a single periscope as well as the sighting telescope on the BESA mounting. In the turret, the gunner and loader each had a single periscope and the commander had two fitted in his hatch cupola. The armor on the Churchill, often considered its most important trait, was originally specified to a minimum of 16 millimeters 0.

This was increased with the Mk VII to a range of 25 millimeters 0. Though this armour was considerably thicker than its rivals including the German Tiger I tank, but not the Tiger II it was not sloped, reducing its effectiveness. Earlier models were given extra armor by the expedient of welding extra plates on. On the Mark VII, the hull front armor was made up of a lower angled piece of 5. The hull sides, were for the most part, 3. The rear was 2 in 51 mm and the hull top 0. The turret of the Mark VII was 6 in mm to the front and 3. The turret roof was 0.

Plate was specified as IT 80, the cast sections as IT The most significant part was the use of welding instead of riveted construction. Welding had been considered earlier for the Churchill, but until its future was assured, this was no more than testing techniques and hulls at the firing ranges. Welding was also required fewer man-hours in construction. The hull doors changed from square to round, which reduced stresses. A new turret went with the new hull. The sides, which included a flared base to protect the turret ring, were a single casting while the roof, which did not need to be so thick, was a plate fitted to the top.

This caused a reduction in maximum fewtival of the tank from its original 26 kilometers per hour iij mph down to The engines also suffered from many mechanical problems. Another problem was the tank's relatively small turret that prevented the use of powerful weapons; definitive versions of the tank were armed with either the QF 6 pounder or the derivative QF irsland mm hanks, both having reasonable power against armored and ot targets respectively, but with limited performance against the other. Although earlier Churchills could out-gun many contemporary German medium tanks, amtchmaking the Panzer IV with the short-barrel 75 mm gun and the Panzer III's 50 ranks gun with its 6 pounder, and uii thick armor of all Churchill models fesitval usually withstand several hits from any German anti-tank gun, late in the war, Germans had 75 mm high-velocity cannons as their main armament and increased protection, against which the Churchill's own guns often lacked sufficient armor penetration to fight back effectively.

The Churchill had many variations, including many specialized modifications. The most significant change to the Churchill was that it was up-gunned from a 2 pounder, a 6 pounder, and then 75 mm guns over the course of the war. However, the firepower weakness was never fully addressed. The Mark VII turret that was designed for the 75 mm gun was of composite construction: Due to its multiple bogie suspension, it could cross terrain obstacles that most other tanks of its era could not. Although all were heavily shelled by German anti-tank guns, only one received more than light damage. One tank was said to have been hit up to 80 times. The Churchills had been sent to Africa to see if they could operate there, and a Tank Brigade three tank regiments[note 3] was sent to Africa, going into action in February.

In one encounter, a Churchill tank got the better of a German heavy tank, a Tiger I, when a shot lodged between the Tiger's turret and turret ring. The crew abandoned the Tiger, which was subsequently captured by the British. Italy As the mainstay of the Tank Brigades, which operated in support of the infantry, Churchill units were in operation more often than other tank units. As the Churchill proved to be a better gun platform, the effective range of the 75 mm was increased. North-West Europe Churchills saw widespread action in Normandy as well as subsequent operations in the Low Countries and into Germany, such as the fighting in Reichwald during Operation Veritable.

Other theatres In tests conducted in the Madang by the Australian Army in mid at the request of Britain's War Office, the Churchill was tested against the M4 Sherman and found it to be, overall, a superior tank for jungle warfare. However the Churchill was not used in the Far East.

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In action against the Chinese, they mostly fought as gun tanks. These were the last use of the Churchill in action by the British. The tank remained in the service of the British Army until with one, a bridge-layer, remaining in service well into the s. They were rented from the British War Office as trials vehicles untilwhen they were purchased outright. This purchase was despite the fact that the supply and transport corps workshops, who maintained them, had reported that spares had all but run out. The experiment was not a success, although the reasons are not recorded.

One remains preserved in the Curragh Camp. Churchill Ark Mk II. With number produced Churchill I Equipped with a 2 pounder gun in the turret roundsand a coaxial Besa machine gun. There was a 3 inch howitzer in the hull 58 rounds. It was a tank that was noted for poor mechanical reliability. It was the main tank issued to the Canadian forces at Dieppe. Churchill Mk II 1, Replaced the hull howitzer for another machine gun to reduce cost and complexity. Sometimes referred to as Churchill Ia. Sometimes called Churchill II. Churchill Mk III The III was the first major armament overhaul of the series, eliminating the hull howitzer and equipping the tank with a more powerful 6 pounder gun 84 rounds.

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