My girlfriend is scared of commitment

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Signs That She’s Not Committed To You

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A recipe for disaster. What I'd do? I'd start dating others on my break. They think breaks for them to date, for you to wait. Upset that cart and it's game over. But the fact still remains that women have not come to receive equal standing in society. Crimes against women still take place of which domestic violence is the most common form.

Girlfriend commitment My of is scared

It is not hard to think that probably domestic girlfrriend is the oldest form of exploitation of women at their homes. Although our men do not have the emotional quotient of a caveman, it still runs in the subconscious of most that it is the woman who would and should make all the sacrifices for sake of the family. And surprisingly, even the most educated women seem to suffer quietly to keep their family together. Although there are those that move on, but the fact still remains that many fear the insecurity associated with womanhood. Some have had first hand experience of being ill treated or cheated by men which is the most common reason of fear of commitment after divorce. However, there are others who witness their mothers and sisters in abusive relationships.

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Probably all this has been around since man learned to live in a family. However with changing times, women have started to voice their fear of commitment and more and more commitment phobic women are coming to light than we actually ever thought could exist. Women trying to get pregnant and men doing anything just to please their woman, and it never works! You have to be someone that they can see themselves with for the rest of their lives. That is why playing games will not get them to commit to you! Instead, be a guy that has all the traits of someone who she can see herself spending her life with.

My online answers are purely informational and are not meant to provide advice, especially if safety is a concern. I noticed in your post that I did not hear much about who you are, with the exception of how you are similar to her. My opinion is that most relationship problems are best described in terms of two people, rather than one. I found myself wondering about you, your needs, and how this relationship or the lack of commitment is affecting you.

You are girlfdiend the difficult position of wanting more from someone than what she is giving. Ambivalence in a partner is so difficult, because it can be tempting to want to persuade, cajole, or convince someone to commit. Finally, sometimes people use a fear of commitment to avoid discussing actual dissatisfaction or problems within a particular relationship. If some of this sounds familiar, you might be dating a commitment-phobe.

Are you willing to work with his or her fears? Or do you recognize that you need to be with a person who can give you more assurance? That part is up for you to decide.

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