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ig There are pushchairs to suit every set of needs. It uses side-impact cushion technology SICT with cushions that move outwards tstsieger provide protection in the event of a crash. Approval for weight group. The visible part is only a small fraction of the total harnessing system, which comprises straps, tongues, crotch strap, attachment means to the shell and a key element: However we are also working to champion extended 5-point harnessing for Group 2 so that children can benefit from the safety of 5-point harnesses for longer.

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The double Double pushchairs are testsiever to accommodate the needs of growing families. The headrest is well datinv, comfortable and adjustable, naturally. What type of installation system will work with your car? Adjust the headrest of the child car seat so that the headrest is, where possible, slots higher or lower subject to the height of the child and additional guidance in the user manual than its previous position. Will they spend a lot of time sleeping in the carrycot? Either side-by-side for maximum comfort, or tandem for maximum manoeuvrability — for children of different ages, or even for twins.

Kg dating Kindersitz isofix 9-36 testsieger

However at Britax we recommend that your child travels rearward facing for as long as is feasible for your daitng, your car and your lifestyle. These two safety features show Britax at the top of its game. Move from a Group 1 seat when the upper edge of the shell is roughly at eye level of the child or your child exceeds the weight limit. Front wheels can be locked for stability on uneven ground or allowed to swivel for easier cornering.

Checking your child car seat: Testsieter rearward facing travel islfix a minimum of 15 months Proven to be the safer way to travel in case of frontal collisions Added side impact test To 9--36 the seat provides better protection in the case of side collisions ISOFIX only seats Using our invention together with Volkswagen to greatly reduce the risk of incorrect installation Based on the age and size of the child rather than weight Reflecting the latest safety data and giving parents a clearer indicator of what seat is right for their child and when their child is ready to be moved to the next stage car seat.

Our junior testers found the seat to be comfortable over both short and long journeys. In addition, a belt clip guides the seatbelt down over the shoulder in the optimal position, and a new SecureGuard helps keep the lap belt over the pelvic bone, to protect the abdomen.

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