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Anyway, she smiled kindly at me lqbia led me upstairs to a room that was completely bare except for a bed; no tables, no chairs, nothing — just a bed with some soft toys on top. She took off her red bra and her tits are large but a little bit flat; she removed her jeans hot-pants and revealed a nice shaved pussy with large labia - she wasn't wearing any knickers. As I was removing my cloths she told me to lye on the bed. She joined me and my attempt at French kissing was rebuffed so I caressed her neck with my lips instead which she seemed to enjoy, I played with her extended labia and she was dry to start with then when I found her clitoris she became a little bit more responsive and damp.

I kissed her lips, but her mouth was closed, although she did not resist, so I kissed her neck again. She moved down towards Him and took Him into her mouth and her oral without is excellent; smooth, soft and warm, no harsh grating of teeth, absolutely lovely and she gave me OWO for a good ten minutes; I loved every second of it. In fact, I asked her to stop for a bit because I was close to coming too soon, and then without me prompting her after about two minutes she took me into her mouth again and carried on her exquisite technique.

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