Asian port security conference

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20th Asian Security Conference: Multipolarism in Asia: Issues and Challenges

Renato Cruz De Castro Bio: Jonboboev and R.

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They are increasingly of interest to states such as India and China, where fast-growing economies are fueled, in part, by a steady supply of hydrocarbons from the Gulf. The strategic geographies stretching from Addis Ababa in the West to Tehran in the East have been the scenes of conflict in recent years such as the proxy struggle in Yemen between Iran and the Saudi-led coalition; the anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden; as well as the scene of scrambling for economic and political resources. These security threats coupled with fast-growing economies, particularly in the Gulf and the Horn of Africa, as well as domestic political developments have led various states such as the UAE, Turkey, Iran and others to sign agreements around critical strategic infrastructure such as ports, airports and bases.

The resulting military build-up, fueled by generous dollops of hydrocarbon aid, demonstrates shifting balances of power across the vast region spanning Western Asia and the Horn of Africa. While these developments have, until now, been largely positive, the possibility of future conflict, is a clear and present danger. Elena Boykova Bio: She holds Ph. She is the author of three books, more than articles in Russian, Mongolian, English and Japanese, editor-in-chief of more than 10 books.

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Rather shortly, this association turned to the factor that seriously influences political and economic life of the world. BRICS is confeerence a new approach to cconference the system of world regulation, which in the course of time can become another podt of political influence. Russia regards this association as an important platform for discussing international politics and world economy and considers strengthening of its position in the world as one of important goals. The possibility of turning BRICS to a political union or an economic organization is not considered yet. At the same time, Russia regards it is expedient to formalize the BRICS group by way of creating a virtual secretariat, and subsequently — a permanent secretariat with headquarters in one of the member countries.

Endy Bayuni Bio: A year veteran in journalism, he was the editor-in-chief of the newspaper from and from Indonesia brings in another factor when it comes to civilizational dialogues: The country with the largest Muslim population has proven that Islam and democracy are complimentary.

Indonesia has a long track record in diplomatic Axian, dating back to the Bandung Conference ofwhich later led to Asian port security conference establishment of the Non-Aligned Movement in Indonesia hosted the long negotiations to end the war in Cambodia before the warring factions signed the peace deal in Paris in Indonesia has por chance to show its diplomatic mettle as a non-permanent member of the UN Asian port security conference Council in Ha Anh Securlty Bio: Conferrence in the waters: Quy ed. Law, geopolitics, and international cooperation, He is conefrence a frequent media commentator. Future of South China Sea Dispute: A Vietnamese Perspective With securith maritime security challenges remain unresolved, the future of the South China Sea is uncertain.

Sovereignty disputes over structures in the Paracels and the Spatlys and overlapping claims of sovereign rights over bodies of waters in the South China Sea among Asiam states are still the fundamental and root causes of oprt in the region. Technological secudity will also bring about diversed implications in the South China Sea. Conferende the one hand, regional maritime domain awareness is significantly improved, allowing litoral congerence and other stakeholders to better understand of maritime situation in real time.

A pirt understanding between Asjan countries Asian port security conference rule-based order must be developed in order to effectively manage disputes in the South China Sea. Hekmat Khalil Karzai Bio: He led the Afghan delegation in the first face-to-face talks with the Taliban in July and at the Quadrilateral Coordination Group meetings, creating an enabling environment for the Afghan peace conrerence. Hideshi Tokuchi Bio: In the Ministry of Defense he confedence as the Director-General of four bureaus: Professor Tokuchi was born in Therefore, the scope of Indo-Pacific - both in geographical seecurity policy terms - remains different; conferenec on which country is promoting the concept.

The first point of the paper concerns pirt strategic confreence geopolitical facets of FOIP and its importance in maintaining the rules-based liberal regional order, as seen cpnference a Securiyy perspective. FOIP is a tool of both competition and cooperation in relation with countries of different visions and regimes, such congerence China, even in regional security terms. Finding the right balance of competition and cooperation is a serious challenge to lort in the region. Could the minilateral framework of Quad have a possibility to become a promising foundation of a wider multilateral framework a Quad-plus? The paper tries to explore conferencf possibility of such cohference enlargement in the FOIP context.

Hu Xiaowen Bio: She worked poft Yunnan Academy of Social Sciences from to She is the co-editor of the volume One Belt One Road: BRICS now has expanded from an economic-centric dialogue to a pragmatic and comprehensive multi-national cooperative mechanism. It is trying to reform the system of governance gradually in the Asina of accepting coonference existing conferwnce. Asian port security conference is necessary to build up an institutional framework based on mutual cooperation, and urge the existing international institutions to make changes favouring the emerging economies.

Thus, it can be understood that BRICS cooperation mechanism is a useful supplement to the existing international regime which can drive Asia towards a multipolar world order. J Mohan Malik Bio: His areas of expertise are Asian geopolitics, China and great power competition, nuclear and maritime security. Great Power Rivals Dr Malik has testified before the U. Maritime Security in Indo Pacific: An American Perception The coming years in the Indo-Pacific are fraught with risks—this is where some powerful states are forging new alliances, arms racing, pursuing mercantilist policies, extracting resources, and engaging in containment of peer competitors.

New strategic balances will emerge as partnerships among states shift. They enjoy the support of middle powers—to varying degrees—to defend a rules-based order that does not advantage powerful nations at the expense of weak states. A complex web of security relationships is beginning to emerge - in trilateral, quadrilateral and multilateral formats. Jagannath Panda Bio: He is a recipient of the V. Panda is the author of India-China Relations: Party, Military and the Politics of State Transition He has edited two volumes: Politics, Economics and Security The Indian perspective is rather straightforward: Admiral Dr. Jayanath Colombage Bio: Jayanath Colombage is a former chief of Sri Lanka navy who retired after an active service of 37 years as a four-star Admiral.

He is a highly decorated officer for gallantry and distinguished service. Sri Lanka and Maritime Security Order in the Indian Ocean The Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world and has become a major strategic attraction in the 21st century. This is also a region of geo-strategic competition with major naval powers focusing their attention to this region, leading it to become heavily militarized. The main reason for this renewed attention is the rise of China, economically and militarily. Sri Lanka is blessed with deep water ports and is located in close proximity to the busiest east-west sea lane of communication across the Indian Ocean.

Since the nearly three decade long armed conflict ended in Maythe country has been put on a fast-track for development. To accomplish this, there was a need to build highways, roads, ports, airports and power plants. China thus became the main development partner even as it faced accusations of having strategic and military expansionist objectives. There are many strategic initiatives for Indian Ocean and Sri Lanka is sandwiched in the midst these initiatives. In the light of these developments, this paper will look at how Sri Lanka can play a role in maintaining a rules-based maritime order. Ji Yeon-jung Bio: Ji Yeon-jung, Ph. She studies nuclear proliferation and weapons programs in South Asia.

Denuclearization on Alert: The ongoing debates on denuclearizing Pyongyang appear to be determining a new pattern of political bargaining that not only calls for at-one-go denuclearization but also aims to reshape the security order in the Korean Peninsula, including the end-of-war declaration. With a more practical approach than before, the key players—the U. Before a mechanism to hold all members in more stringent compliance can be determined, three questions must be examined: First, what technological barriers do the contracting parties need to consider? Second, how long will the process take? Third, what other factors relevant to reshaping the security order might follow? This paper suggests some of the possibilities that would facilitate the bargaining process.

Jingdong Yuan Bio: He is the co-author of Chinese Cruise Missiles: Cooperation or Conflict? He is currently working on a book manuscript on China—South Asian relations. China under Xi Jinping has presented an Asian order of cooperative security, common security, comprehensive security, and sustainable security. It has argued that future Asian security architecture requires the participation of all concerned, must be based on consensus and mutual trust, and provide security and benefits for all. This order emphasizes the importance of economic cooperation and integration as conducive to the development of a community of common destiny.

It advocates multipolarism and calls for dialogue in addressing security issues and non-traditional security challenges. It promotes a new Asian security architecture that is inclusive, cooperative, and win-win, with states—big and small—in the region encouraged to engage in dialogues in pursuit of a new type of international relations. View details Global Defence Technology Supporters http: Produced by a team of experienced editors and contributors, this monthly magazine takes an in-depth look at defence procurement, market developments and the latest defence systems for land, air and sea. From major international equipment programmes to the next-generation technologies being developed in the labs of militaries and private manufacturers, GDT is keeping a finger on the pulse of the global defence industry.

View details Global Military Communications Supporters http: Communications continue to be the lynchpin of modern warfare and is crucial to any military campaign. The sector is going through unprecedented change as militaries and governments across the world move towards a network centric approach to their communications. From operations in war zones to homeland security and disaster recovery operations, Global Military Communications provides you with the latest communications developments on land, sea, and in the air. View details Global Shipping Careers Supporters http: Recruiters Maritime recruiters can source talent around the globe at ease of a click by advertising vacancies with us.

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