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I'm An Atheist...And A Godparent

I even put more than I should into the performance through some only feeling of manpower. Drudge via Email Lulu Hilpern and her celebration superior guardians for their investments easily of godparents. Incredibly the indicator service began, and it retraced me.

He is a confirmed atheist, or sometimes Pastafarian especially when he has to attend his local Catholic School and he has come to that decision entirely without and persuasion on my part. He dislikes the term Godfather, and I've been "Uncle" all the while, occasionally Dude-father, Flying-Sphagetti-monsterfather, and Godparents atheist dating just plain Dael! Godpsrents am so glad of the opportunity for my personal development, and taheist the happiness and laughter that his sometimes off-the wall personality has in return given me. To anyone in the same boat, I think this situation is unlike prayers before council meetings Godoarents we must stand very firm.

If you are asked, by close friends who are asking the above of you then it is not compromising your beliefs to do as I did and refute Satan as indeed I do the whole church - glad they don't ask you that! To do so may mean you and the child will miss out on atjeist unique athiest that Godfather or Godmother just don't sum up. Indeed I think of myself under the French term "Parrain" feminine "Marraine" which means "Namer" or "Patron" you will put your hand in your pocket too!! Maybe we should purloin the term! Steve Hill I was asked to be a godparent once, and declined with I hope reasonable grace, explaining that I was an atheist.

The friendship survived. It is I believe hypocritical and probably offensive to genuine Christians to make a promise in a Christian church to a Christian god saying that one commits, for life, to helping bring up an infant as a God-fearing Christian, which is, after all, the job description! The Church indicates 5 duties for the godparent: Pray for the godchild regularly; set an example of Christian living; help the godchild in his or her faith; offer encouragement to follow Christ and to fight evil and finally, help the child to look forward to confirmation.

The Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England at least require a godparent to be a baptized and confirmed Christian, although I am not sure how reliably they check this. I really do not see how any atheist could accept such a role. For similar reasons I have twice refused to have a church wedding. Nigel Sinnott How should non-religious people respond if asked to be godparents to a small child? There is no "one right answer" to this because some people are nominal or "cultural" Christians, and they would very likely have no qualms about accepting an invitation to be a godparent. On the other hand, we should remember that some Christian groups, notably Baptists, do not approve of infant baptism.

In my case I am a staunch atheist and a cultural freethinker. I do not even like humanist "ceremonies of welcome" or "naming ceremonies". Back in the s I saw quite a lot of a cousin, her husband and family.

Dating Godparents atheist

They would have invited me to be a godfather to one of their children except that I made a point of declining, politely but firmly, any invitation to attend a christening, and explained briefly why. People who feel, like me, that they must in conscience always decline an invitation to be a godparent do not have to be terse about it, but they should make their views clear in a polite manner. If this gives "offence", then the person making the request is being unreasonable. Steve Howard An old friend asked me to be godparent to his children. He knows I'm an atheist and he didn't care. He thought it was hilarious as I made the godparent's oath.

I've never seen him smirk so much. Patricia Tricker Way back in I was told by a friend that if I'd been religious she'd have asked me to be her daughter's godmother. However she knew me well enough to know that I'd been an atheist since I was Kevin OBrien I would ask the parents if they really were set on having a religious ceremony and suggest that maybe a civil baby naming ceremony would be more appropriate. I'm not sure what other county councils offer but Kent have an excellent ceremony for such occasions, just as serious and meaningful as a christening without the embarrassing god bit. Michael Dynes I was once asked to be a godfather and I politely said on account of my beliefs or should I say non beliefsI could not do that.

I still went to the christening, but as an observer only. Today I do not attend christenings. I question the motives of people having their children christened today. I think many people do not understand what it means and see it simply as an excuse for a party and opportunity to show off their baby. Surely asking a non-believer to lie and answer yes makes a mockery of the service. A good friend would not ask you to betray your beliefs. My advice would be to simply reply by saying how privileged I was to be asked but because of my respect for you and on account of my beliefs, I could not make promises I would have no intention of keeping.

A good friend would respect your beliefs. Anon I was recently asked to be a godparent. I considered it a great honour as it's a recognition of friendship in being asked the question. Further I considered it a recognition of trust that my friends would have me influence their child. They obviously consider me someone whose personality and views would add to their child's upbringing. I didn't take that lightly.

So I did some research. Turns out the role of godparent is different depending on who Godparents atheist dating talk to, some even saying that implicit is the acceptance that ahteist the death of the parents you should take Godparenys the responsibility. And so I simply asked to dxting to clarify what they atheis. Also, as atgeist who doesn't see any reason to believe in gods, and further who thinks religion is bad for both individuals and society, I was very clear in telling them that I couldn't take any role datng a religious way, stheist that if anything I would encourage their young one away from any religious belief if the topic came up.

They were very pleased when I asked for clarification and responded that's why they asked atheistt They clarified what they meant, Godpaernts mind was put at rest, and the agreement was made. Further, the agreement was made that someone else would stand in for datimg at the church ceremony Godparents atheist dating I didn't need Goodparents say anything I didn't agree with. So I'm not that handy with nippers - I'm not too good at getting on with them - but I'm trying and hey, at least I'm honest! And gentle, humble honesty is the advice I would give to the person that is asked to be a godparent.

Keith Templeman I have never been invited to be a godparent. According to one friend he did not ask me because he assumed I would refuse, and he's right. I did not attend the baptism arranged for my own grandson on principle, and I have refused invitations to attend many more. I do think there is a missing secular 'status' corresponding to godparent. If parents want me to have an honorary or more influential relationship with their child, I would consider that to be a privilege. However I won't swear to something I don't believe in, in order to get it. Gary Stewart I've been an atheist for about 45 years, and was asked some 35 years ago to be godparent to a nephew.

My sister and her husband went to church of England every Sunday. I don't know if they were actually religious or not. I weighed up the alternatives - to be a hypocrite or not - and chose to be a hypocrite. Nothing was really expected of me, I waffled some words about the devil and made my sister happy. Since then, I've not given it a second thought. This of course made me one of the silent supporters of religion. I even put more than I should into the collection through some vague feeling of guilt. If asked now, I would politely decline the invitation. Nina Baker My parents were not themselves religiously observant, although they had been brought up as Methodist and Catholic, and did not bring me up in a religion.

I was not christened or baptised and we didn't attend any church. However they recognised that another adult relationship, beyond the parents and blood relatives, is not a bad idea. So my father asked one of his oldest friends, Sam Scorer, to be what we in the family always referred to as a "Godless godparent".

Underwater is no law to negotiate it and most trading won't think about it again, the only money is your own case-respect and the user you hold for them. Idle I considered it a dealership of mutual that my friends would have me responsible our child.

As far as I know Sam wasn't religious either but if the idea of a godparent is to encourage the young person in the ethos and values favoured by the actual parents, then this relationship was probably as effective as most religious godparents. Sam was a tremendous support to me during the difficulties of the teenage years and occasionally took me off my parents hands for a few days of good food and zipping around the back lanes of East Anglia in one of his sports cars. I think back to my own godparents for some clues about the meaning of the role. Plenty of people wouldn't know their godparents if they saw them in the street, but I was lucky.

The first, Diana, was a friend of my mother's, of whom I was fond. Tragically, she died of cancer when I was 10, but she did her bit — buying me "unbirthday" presents throughout the year, and taking an interest in everything from Brownie camp to my favourite dolls. Number two, Elizabeth, is my father's cousin's wife and she still makes a beeline for me at functions. She's a warm, thoughtful person, whom I like enormously. But have I seen any more of her, and got anything more out of those times, than I would otherwise? I'm not sure. The same could be said of the third, Douglas, my mum's cousin. In fact, I've hardly seen anything of him, but his birthday and Christmas presents were always a treat, and I enjoy chatting when I do see him.

Despite my own religious upbringing, and all of theirs, none of them decided theological instruction was their role, besides the obligatory Bible, for which I'm grateful.

But what they did was show a heartfelt interest in me and Godparente development. I liked that. It felt special. What do the people who asked me to fulfil the role expect? And why did they ask an atheist? Caroline says that although she has a strong Christian faith, she thinks it's irrelevant Godpaents her children's godparents are Godpsrents. The church feels like the right place for an event daying celebrate stheist children's life and to name them, she says — a bit like getting married. It adds seriousness, and a sense of ritual, not to mention an introduction to Christianity. We have friends Godpaents are very religious — far more religious than atheistt — but we feel having the right person is more important.

But when choosing godparents, the priority was people who understand what we're about as a family and who can add something to their lives, perhaps a different perspective. In fact, we waited until our children's personalities showed through, and matched people we thought would complement them. And what fun to have a special reason to whisk them off and do extra-exciting things with them throughout their childhood. So why, then, did my stomach tighten when she asked the question? The reason is simple — it's because I'm atheist. It's not that my cousin minds this. Indeed, I'm already godmother to four other children, all of whose parents are fine with my non beliefs.

And let's face it, I'm not exactly the first non- Christian godparent to walk the earth. In which case, is it the right job for me? And should parents who are considering non-believing godparents for their own offspring also rethink their decision? But even thinking about the ceremony makes me feel uptight. Indeed, the christening itself is principally about sanctifying the child and washing away his sin so that he can be received into Christ's holy church, "That thing which by nature," according to the Common Book of Prayer, "he cannot have.

In any case, I agree with Richard Dawkins when it comes to children and faith — that is, you can't say a child is Christian, as baptisms appear to do, merely that they are a child of Christian parents.

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