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Hunt for Aboriginal men accused of raping female tourists at gunpoint

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Everybody does it I do it sometimes, too. Rates of certain sexual infection are reported as higher in the NT than anywhere else in Australia, and especially among indigenous people.

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White men, Greek men — all for a box of moselle. Most of the exposure came from their own men. The researchers state: Mr Elferink said he found the report disturbing and agreed the women were vulnerable both in Darwin and their communities. The Aboriginal woman, aged about 40, attractive with an easy smile, explains how it was for her when she lived on the streets of Darwin for six years, until she entered public housing last year: Share this article Share 'They are going to need many years of counselling to get over this trauma,' he said.

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And another. Womwn or comment on this article: She says it made sense they carried knives: Later outback drifter Bradley John Tonkght was sentenced to 28 years imprisonment for Mr Falconio's murder but the convicted man continues to maintain his innocence. Regardless what you think about drunks, itinerants and sex, having women vulnerable to rape is unacceptable and there should be more shelter available to protect women while they sleep. Teams of police have been scouring the Alice Springs region for a dark green Toyota car that was seen in the area where the assaults took place. But he claimed their lifestyle was a choice.

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