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It is the gateway to that treasure trove of antiquities. Viewing this unscripted spontenity of life makes up some of our safagw travel experiences. On the way to Luxor As we neared the Nile River, the life giving impact of is tributaries was evident in the greening of the landscape - trees and agricultural fields lined our route. Waiting to cross the road. One of many guard stations in Egypt Elevated check points stations randomly appearing along the route were reminders of heightened security.

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Views from the bus - every day people. Frankly we find these working ports, teeming with frieghters, commerce, ferries and everyday life far more interesting than the beautifully landscaped cruise ship ports. We'd reached agricultural land en route to Luxor Irrigated fields stretched for miles along our route, giving us a glimpse of this agricultural part of the country. Waves, shouts and smiles.

Cruise ships stop at this working Port Safaga because its location, about kilometers or miles, away from Luxor, the city built on the site of the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes. Early morning arrivals had become the norm on that Magic Carpet Ride of a cruise we took from Bangkok through the Middle East to Istanbul last spring. However, the local tour guide assigned to our bus had us back aboard and out of Luxor by 6 p. Man and beast Everyday scenes creating long lasting memories.

The Journey to Luxor So off we headed for Luxor on a near three-hour journey each direction; a journey that we quickly realized was as interesting as is the destination! Port Safaga, Egypt Unlike the working port where our Oceania Nautica would be docked next to local ferries for two days, Safaga, the resort town some 37 miles away, hosts snorkelers and divers drawn here from around the world for its stunning reefs and fish. Those towering tan peaks were just the first of many things about Egypt that blew away many of my pre-conceived notions.

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