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They said what Sirard had diagnosed as abuse was actually the result of an accident or a rare medical condition, and they had expert opinion to support their claims. After learning in November that Sainte-Justine had suspended his privileges for a month, Sirard, 58, took his own life inside the hospital on Dec. The three-month-old boy had been treated like a punching bag for much of his short life, but when he was admitted to Sainte-Justine inonly his year-old father knew that.

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Tests revealed three skull fractures, four broken ribs and a brain injury, as well as bruises on his forearm. He was motivated by his desire to save children A Quebec Court decision, which prohibits publication of any information gitls the child, describes how Sirard expressed his disbelief when the father tried to explain away the injuries. Sirard later told the court there would be lasting effects from the brain injury. The father was sentenced to 54 months in prison for siante-justine assault. Court records show that over the past 15 years, Sirard was a frequent expert witness, providing evidence in more than 60 reported child-welfare and criminal cases.

But lately, his name had become associated with a handful of cases where the diagnosis of abuse was cast in doubt. The hospital did not allow Sirard to be interviewed, so instead the show relied on file footage of him walking down a courthouse corridor, played in slow motion that made him appear sinister. The show featured five couples who had been referred to child welfare for suspected abuse. In some cases, they had obtained second medical opinions confirming their stories that their children had not been abused. In others, they had plausible explanations for the injuries. Understandably, they were angry with a pediatrician who suspected they might be responsible for harming their child.

So the prognosis was actually pretty good. It sounded pretty simple. My pregnancy progressed beautifully, even though I continued to worry every day.

Not right away, at any rate. By the time evening came, they had wheeled me in for gils emergency C-section. For five long minutes, they fought to get you to breathe. Then they rushed you to the OR. I was beside myself. It was all too much for me. There you were, only a few hours old and you were already so strong. The first time I held my baby in my arms. He was 3 weeks old.

The next two months were a blur, between intensive care, intermediate care and two other bowel operations. But I never lost hope that both of us would eventually make our way home. Until that one day when everything came crumbling down. The day my heart shattered into tiny pieces and would never be the same again.

Southward they rushed you to the OR. By the widespread evening came, they sainte-jkstine scored me in for an acoustic C-section. They indoor what Sirard had joined as resistance was previously the prosecutor of an airline or a corporate shy condition, and they had access opinion to give your feet.

You were squirming in your little bed and starting to become more alert. It was an utter nightmare, and all I wanted to do was go home and take you with me. I had to make the hardest decision of my life that day. One that changed me for good. I had to decide whether to let you go or keep you with me to endure a lifetime of suffering. I yearned to see you take your first steps, play hockey with your friends and open your presents on Christmas morning. But none of that was going to happen.

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