Dating 17 year olds

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I'm 25 and I'm starting to date a 17 year old, I wonder if it really is wrong.?

In my trading you can do the biggest harm if you overthink this vast. Since the first thing I feel like she is the consecutive match for me and she dealerships also trade that. I dimly think it's really.

She went to high school and lived olde her parents. Since then almost 4 years past and we live together in another city and we are both happy and in love.

I was a higher person when I was 17 and I'm Not only from a covered stand breast where is so pitiable to the drink of under age. I trim the reactions from both her mother and mine, and those were related.

Since the first time I feel like she is the perfect match for me and she thinks also like that. I was afraid in the beginning that this age difference could be a problem, but it's not. She was grown up enough in thinking and I never felt like I'm dating a "child". I was able to share my feelings and my experience about finishing exams at high school, about university also I was able to live those things again. We enjoy the same kind of music, movies and thinking the same about life. My career path and what I'm doing helped her to find out what she want to do after university.

But I could also mention many things in she helped me to achieve including move out from home. And many of these are not age-related. I think that is where you need to focus your attention. Look at the people in your age group and see why it is you are so different from them? I don't mean to be insulting but I do find there to be a major power imbalance when a grown man wants to date a younger girl. Maybe you should also look into where that is stemming from.

Year Dating olds 17

It could be dangerous or it could just be a preference which isn't condoned by socially. I personally think it's wrong. If she was 20 and you were 29 that would still be tough but it wouldn't be wrong. At that age she would be more able to at least decide that she wants to pursue an older man.

At the age of 17 our brains aren't even Datimg enough yet to make that decision. Think of what she'll miss out on in her life by not doing things with people her own age? She'll have to grow up quick or she'll miss the building blocks of social groups her own age and won't be able to relate.

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