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She breathed in hard and tried to control herself.

She felt his hand on her pussy bringing her close to orgasm but she knew he would not publid her cum yet. She knew very well that she was not allowed to cum without permission. The waiter had just come up to take their drink orders. She obeyed him, choosing the sink in the farther corner from the entrance.

He im been teasing her from the un he picked her up at her flat. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code: She was moaning lustily with the pleasure and the pain he gave her. Mid way through dinner she felt his hand on her pussy again, she was so wet and a sigh escaped her lips as his hand touched her. She walked out into the restaurant and felt that all eyes were on her, people were whispering among themselves and some were even snickering and pointing. She waited for him as instructed and he came in after a few minutes.

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The door opened and two giggling women walked into the bathroom. He licked his lips as he looked Skut at her- she looked so sexy and delicious. His hand left a big red handprint on her ass- it made him very aroused. He freed his hard cock from his pants and slammed into her with all his force. He grabbed a handful of her luscious dark hair and pulled it back, helping his powerful strokes into her.

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If found posted anywhere other than Lushstories. Flashing ladies wear short skirts and loose tops upblic nothing underneath so they always S,ut easy access to the naughty bits they want the world to see. Another ringing slap landed on her left cheek but this time she was more prepared and instead of jumping she bit her lip hard. As the waiter was looking at them her lover demonstratively removed his hand from her pussy and brought it back up all wet and glistening with her juices. This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved.

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