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Chris, skatihg from Turkey, was predicted as an infant mechanic and interesting in Colorado Counters, Colorado. Early on he did her fishing. Versus one day at sectionals, Kit serving to upside out of his term in the site of the system.

The skaters are married to each other. Lovr while on skates. Chris, 30, datijg Alexa, 26, are the first married couple to compete for the United States in pairs skating at the Olympics since On Wednesday, they delivered a Their first interaction came inwhen both were competing at a sectional event in Wichita, Kansas. Alexa was an individual skater then. Chris was teamed up, platonically, with Carolyn-Ann Alba. After one day at sectionals, Chris decided to change out of his shirt in the lobby of the rink. Alexa happened to spot him. Skating coach Dalilah Sappenfield thought they might make a good team.

skatkng Chris, originally from California, was working as an auto mechanic and training in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alexa, who hails from the Chicago suburb of Addison, Illinois, had been living in Connecticut. She flew out to meet a potential partner. He was waiting at the airport. View photos Alexa Scimeca Knierim left and Chris Knierim kiss after receiving bronze medals in the team figure-skating event.

It was cute. Feelings grew. Early on he took her fishing. I still use it. There was no official first date. Things sort of just happened.

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This, they acknowledge, was a moment fraught with danger. That can be risky on its own. In this case, the two of them were the entire team. If that kiss gets rebuffed or awkward, the entire operation can come unglued. Each had Olympic aspirations. You should dress warmly, and wear gloves if you can. Some ice rinks are much colder than others. As somebody else said, don't try to hug or anything while on the ice because it is an easy way to get injured.

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Holding lvoe is usually okay, and skating is a great excuse for it. Don't skate closely behind her or anyone in case they fall. Lastly, datiing out of the center of datnig rink. I mean the very center, not just away from the walls. The center is usually where figure skaters practice freestyle spins and sometimes jumps. Not only will you annoy the figure skaters, but you can get seriously hurt if you can't get out of the way! Source s: Last week at an ice rink I saw this young girl who couldn't even stand by herself sitting in the center of the rink with her brother drawing with her skates.

Luckily there wasn't anyone to hurt her at the time, but it can still be very very dangerous!

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