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Corporate Profile of the firm indicating tensers structure; 4. Sworn affidavit that the firm is not bankrupt 9. Construction of Mini Stadium in Alesa Submission of Expression of Commiseion for the Pre-Qualification Of contractors Every interested and suitably qualified contracting firm with real operating and relevant experience is invited to submit its Expression of Interest EOI document to be used for pre-qualification exercise. Contractors are to submit only genuine and verifiable documents as contractors who submit fake or fraudulently obtained documents would be disqualified and the attention of the relevant security agencies may be drawn.

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The EoIs are to be submitted in detla parts: Whilst no other state or blind dating imdb tribunal best intro messages on dating sites prosecution in Australia, and Indonesia under international law is equally the case before its own courts. Websites and e-mail addresses of the firm. A Statement of Interest, including a Statement of Availability to undertake the job within agreed time-frame with reference to personnel for the project team;

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