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Wavd did not happen through the pricd prospecting methods that VCs follow. It was rather serendipitous. Peter is Wavve strong advocate of young people choosing alternative paths instead of college education. I was intrigued by some of the examples year-old kid building a nuclear reactor and decided to learn more about these bold, visionary entrepreneurs who were doing amazing things instead of spending their time in college. The current year Thiel Foundation fellows included two Indians. Ritesh was the only one doing something here in India.

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Amino acids and peptides: For those looking to go on a romantic daying, there is a short strolling area bantalore the lake. Usloor 2. Lumbini Gardens Enjoy a romantic boat ride at Dwting Garden source Normally, one would not associate an amusement park with romance. However, the Lumbini Garden in Bangalore offers something different. This park has plenty of rides for couples to enjoy and boating. Boat rides cost Rs. Hebbal 3. Hebbal Lake Hebbal Lake, Bangalore The Hebbal Lake is located within the city of Bangalore which means that you do not have to travel too far away to spend special time with your someone special. The lake gives you the chance to go on long romantic walks among scenic landscapes and watch birds fly by.

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If you go in the winter, you might get to see a few migratory birds flying across the lake. Outer Ring Road 4. Go here in the morning or late evening to watch the sunrise or sunset and take a romantic walk in the company of gorgeous plants and flowers. Cool Off In The Amazing Aquapark Istralandia In Summer Wednesday, March 20, Colette Fitzpatrick Summer in Croatia can get really very hot so, if you have found a vacation rental in Istria and are looking for somewhere where you can cool off and unwind, why not head to Aquapark Istralandia for a day? This waterpark in Istriais located on the northern coast of the Istrian Peninsula, 5km from Novigrad, and is in the most scenic and beautiful spot, surrounding by lush greenery and forests that offer cool pools of shade to lay out in.

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